Saturday, July 01, 2006

Calling All T Family Members!

Guess what usually costs $6 per pound and was on sale today for $1.49 per pound?


For all my bloggy friends, my Grandma G used to can cherries and they were *THE* after dinner treat when you went to Grandma G's house to spend the night. My Dad ate more than his fair share of these babies while growing up! It's really very simple, just cherries in some light syrup, but oh, so good! All you Utah girls probably have at least one neighbor with a nice big tree full in the back yard, but down here, cherries are hard to come by and usually very expensive. I've never seen this good a price in the whole time we've been here! My Grandma G was kind enough to write out her method for me, she says "41-42# yields about 30 quarts". Talk about needing a loan! So I did my measly 10# tonight and I'll treasure every bite in my 5 quarts thank-you-very-much!

Yum! Now let's get down to business. Boiling the jars:

Jars with clean, de-stemmed cherries, waiting for syrup:

Water bath:

Finished jars! Eeek! Hard water, wipe those jars off with a little vinegar to clear the spots!

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If any of you would like to join me for a bowl of cherries, I have extra beds, but as you can see, there are only 5 quarts, you'll need to hurry and make your reservation today!


Nettie said...

I am so jealous! We spent 4th of July's at grandma's picking cherries with the cousins while the aunt's all canned. Did you ever have contests to see who could fit the most cherry pits in your mouth and still be able to eat more?

momofalltrades said...

LOL, no, but we always tried to tie the stems into knots using only our tongues!