Sunday, July 30, 2006


Sometimes, it's fun to be the fun mom.

B: "Mom, can I cut my hair?"
Me: "Sure, son!"
B: "Can you get me some scissors?"
Me: "I'll do better than that! How about my clippers?!"
B: "Cool!"

(Isn't K cute, peeking out from the mirror?)

Not to, um....horrible! LOL

Yes, I did go back and fix it all, and I suppose putting the clipper attachment on there to prevent the worst of the damage *is* technically cheating, but, he's none the wiser.

And here's a little shot of the after church hair we have going on over here. The pigtails are pointless, and silly looking, but the after church hair is soooooo worth it! ;O)

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Andrew said...

Cheating? Not at all! I'd say it's more a case of doing your best and then moving on to life's next big family crisis :o)

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