Wednesday, September 17, 2008

J Turns Fowah!


So here is a little girl who has been waiting to turn "Fowah" for days and days. She is now big, according to her. So to celebrate her "bigness", she got a bike for her big day.


She's a tough read sometimes. She said it was just what she always wanted, but wasn't really very keen to get on it and ride.


If there is anything that will make your heart go pitter-patter like a big strong manly man helping a little bitty girl ride her bike, I'm not sure what it is.


But by tonight she was showing off for her friends. She fell off two or three times going too fast around corners. Tha's my girl!


I had to include this one. This is Queen of the Sunbeams. Never, ever has there been a sweeter, more dedicated Sunbeam teacher. This sweet lady sent postcards every week to her class members, scheduled playdates with them, and is just one of those teachers you pray your kids get. Here she is at J's party, which isn't really all that much of a stretch, until you consider that not only do we no longer go to church at the same time as she, but she no longer even serves as a Sunbeam teacher, she's in the presidency! Yet, here she is, hanging out with J, helping her turn "Fowah". How cool is she? I told you she is the Queen.


I made cake. Please don't fall over from the shock. My Grandma G and Nanna used to collect Jasperware Wedgewood China. Since I've already made one teapot cake, I wanted to try and change things up a bit, so I looked to the Jasperware for a little inspiration. It has a bit of a lean. Probably because of the twitch I've developed in my left eye as a result of all the "Fowah-ness".

Monday, September 08, 2008

I Should Post

So I shall.

Today was the official start of home school. It wasn't bad, it wasn't great, but it wasn't bad. It was also a rare day off for Hubster in which he had his eyes open and was coherent instead of catching up on much needed sleep. He was taking some on-line courses and after running back and forth between K's spelling, B's History and fixing the 'puter for Hubster, I think Hub got a good reminder of why I am catatonic by the end of a day. It's always good to let the Hub have a glimpse into my day to day life, it's usually good for a little forgiveness for the six foot tall laundry pile at any rate.

Sometimes it is hard to tell how much time I actually spend with my kids. I know that sounds strange for a home schooling mom to say, but I do. A typical day begins with breakfast, chores and then we move on to lessons. I shuffle between all three for about four hours, then fix a snack aka lunch, then I turn them loose to "self-study" which at this age, consists of reading library selections, drawing or other creative projects or play, and house keeping projects...depending on the day. It is during this time that I try and run errands, prepare dinner, tidy up and handle things that need done during business hours. After 4, the kids are free to relax, watch TV, play with friends and so forth, Hubster goes to work, and I sit down to try and study..or something. Four hours out of all that just doesn't seem like much. I guess we do try and read some during the late afternoon...but still. It is a strange thing to never be without them, and yet, some days, I feel as though I've hardly seen them.

I think my Managerial Accounting class is calling my name. I was pleased to be able to get this class on-line instead of Tue-Thurs as I had planned. Now I only go on campus on Sat mornings to suffer through PE. They don't call it that anymore, but my poor, sore legs and butt will tell you that no matter what they are calling it these days, it is still PE. But my poor, sore legs and butt will also tell you that they are still in considerably better shape than many of my classmates. The poor guy who asked to be my lifting partner disappeared after I leg pressed 140# 8 times. There was one poor girl who couldn't even finish the 8 reps with just the apparatus and no weight. I'll tell you that it is a sad, sad state of affairs when a 33 year old with a heart problem performs in the top third of a class of 20 somethings. No wonder we are all dying of diabetes and heart disease. If my poor, sore legs and butt will ever let me walk again, I think I may just have to commit myself to a somewhat less sedentary lifestyle. Maybe. As long as I can still eat cake.