Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The Photog Begins...

My newest child arrived yesterday. I'm so excited! These are some straight out of camera shots we took last night in between rain showers just before the sun went down.

I used to do a fair amount of film photography, but I'm not so much with the notebooks and the running back and forth to the lab to develop film. I'm all about the instant gratification of digital. And since my new child is the culmination of several birthdays, Christmases and Mother's Day with no presents...I'm about dang ready for some instant gratification.


Notice the sharp,clear picture of the "Gahteraid" mustache she's sporting? Classy.


I love me some bokeh.


My how tall you are getting.

And since I'm celebrating the end of shutter delay in my photography life, some action shots:


Focus is off, but this shot more than makes up for it:


I've missed far to much booty shaking in my pre-DSLR days.

But the best thing of all is finally being able to capture the subtle expressions that I've been missing all these years.


Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Garden Winding Down

Early July 065

The hot hot hot Texas sun is doing it's thing on my garden and so we are just about done with fresh from the garden produce.

Gosh I love macro shots...
Early July 074

There will be more where that came from soon. My new to me camera should be arriving any day now. Thanks Brandi! Couldn't have gotten it done without your kindness and generosity. I can't wait to finally have the tool to get all the awesome shots that I see allllll the time but slip past my poor Cannon point and shoot. Shutter delay kills shots of fast moving children like nobody's business. Within the next few days, the blog will probably become just another photog blog! LOL Oh well, that will make the grandparents happy. And me. It will make me very happy. I'm always needing more outlets for my creativity.

Monday, July 14, 2008

More Fluff Balls

Early July 070

The two hens I got from Freecycle like to set on eggs...a lot. So here's the newest batch of fluff balls. There are actually three, but one is already hiding under this one is trying to do...
Early July 071

Here's number three...look close...
Early July 072

These chicks are actually from my other hens...the surrogate momma is sorta scrawny and I'm not really wanting to pass along her gene pool, so these will hopefully be Aracauna crosses. I'm now finding myself in need of a new chicken pen...and my next big project will be raising some broilers.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Father's Day

Early July 006

A bit late, but I should chronicle the addition of the latest family member here. Hubster has always wanted a German Shorthair Pointer. They are a sporting dog and not the most common thing to try and find. When you do find them, they cost a bit and then flying them to where you might be able to pick them up costs even more. I got lucky and found a man who had his dogs flown to him and then decided he'd like to have a litter...thus making it so he wouldn't have to have a new dog flown to him when his got too old for hunting. He ended up with 9, so he posted them on a little corner of the internet and with my supa Google skillz I found them and was pleased to see that he not only didn't want a million dollars for them but that he lived close enough that I could drive there and back in a day. So under the cover of a Boy Scout field trip, I loaded up the girls and went to pick him up. Hubster was not overly surprised that wanted to get him a dog for Father's Day, but was surprised that we actually GOT him a dog for Father's Day! He decided to call him "Q". Do you see it?

Early July 010

He could just as well have gone with "8", but then the Bond nod would be lost...
Early July 008

I don't generally care much about his hunting dogs, but I really, really love this one.

Early July 037

Look at those eyes. Now if he just won't eat any more chickens, I'll love him a whole lot more.