Friday, April 27, 2007

The Shirt That Just Might Change My Life

Remember how I told you about Shade Clothing? Well, anyone who wants to be modest, LISTEN UP! I just got my order and I am THRILLED! I ordered this in the champagne color and it works perfectly under the dress I got for the wedding, totally appropriate, shimmery, light, flawless coverage. Not only does it look fabulous under the gold dress, I decided to try it under the strapless wonder that made me feel like a cow at my sister's wedding...guess what? IT WORKED UNDER THAT ONE TOO!!! No funky looking wrap needed! I'm doing cartwheels over here! Two totally different shades of fabric, both very fancy, and a T-SHIRT that worked under both of them! Think "Covered, but not 'covering up'".

I also got a three pack of the cami's and have to say that they are going to be sooooo versatile. They are soft and light and stretchy and thin, (but not sheer). They cover my long waist and are high enough to keep the girls from popping out, even when a whiney child is tugging on my shirt front; and an added bonus: they don't gape down under the arm either! Now I can't wait to try the under t's in all their rainbow of colors...imagine the possibilities! I could buy just about anything I think is cute, slide one of these babies under there and be totally modest, no matter how revealing the top was intended to be! I'm in love. I need one in every color. And I need them for my daughters. Especially the oldest one. This is modesty that I think even she can get on board with. You need them too, seriously, don't be afraid to spend $14-20 bucks on a t-shirt. Coming from one of the world's biggest cheapo's, that's really saying something.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

The Toe Bone's Connected to the...

One more reason to love homeschool. We had a little anatomy lesson last night.

We (I) started with "tattoo's". (Shut your eyes now mother, the ink in the bloodstream thing, yeah, you toally made that up didn't you?) Then I got a bit more *ahem* creative.

That is a big old Texas fire ant bite, I just drew in the ant so she'd remember what bit her.

Then we moved on to anatomy.

But then they exacted their revenge, with the help of their father...

My cheeks are still pink from the scrubbing. The kids? They still have pink highlighter all over them!

Monday, April 23, 2007

Wow. I'm a Blog Slacker.

OK. So the semester and work has turned me into a blog slacker. I'll even admit it, I've actually had enough spare time that I *could* have posted a couple times, but I watched Grey's Anatomy instead. Yup. That's right. Total slacker.

So, for the benefit of my family, who are probably the only ones who bother even checking the old bloggy lately, I will post. I'll even upload pictures. Hope I remember how.

There have been lots of blog worthy events, trying to decide where to start is the tough part.

I took the kiddo's ice skating in February. J was not thrilled to have the skates strapped to the feet. She was happy to wander around the ice yelling "Sip! Sip! Woah! Sip!". K took to it right away and was begging for lessons by the end of the session. B was more interested in the arcade games than the actual skating. Skating is for girls, Mom.

Someone finally had her first real haircut. Right on the heels of the fake first haircut that resulted in a mullett due to a head shaking moment on the part of the irritated toddler. The real hair cut went much better than the fake hair cut.

The Hubster took me to the ballet! Yes, an ACTUAL ballet with actual ballerina's. Very talented, thin, strong, ballerina's. And ballerino's. *Shrug* Hey man, this is Texas. The picture is of Bass Hall, and yes, I realize it is just the stage, but they sort of frown on blinding ballerina's and ballerino's with picture flashies while they are leaping through the air. Take what you can get.

My Spring Break project was to paint my laundry room and make these cute little curtains. K sewed one of the edges before she got bored.

The girls decided to try on easter hats while mommy was looking for ANOTHER wedding dress. They were absolutely the bright spot in this little disaster adventure.

OK so I should explain the wedding dress thing just in case I have any blog friends left that might actually care about what I'm talking about. E, the middle boy is marrying his hs sweetheart in less than a month. I am happy for them, but I do wish they would have taken our bribe offer to elope. Then we could have avoided the ugly scene created by omitting my name from the invitations. Oh.yes.they.did. It was "all a big mistake, we just forgot", yeah-freaking-right-you-did. Much drama has ensued. I forgive my soon to be daughter in law, but reserve the right to be ticked off at her mother for an indeterminate amount of time. It's not my party, but I'll cry anyway. Whah. Perhaps wearing this smashing dress and looking fabulous next to the "real mom's" club will make me feel a tiny bit better.

I ordered a top from Shade Clothing to wear underneath the obviously too-sexay top. SO use your imagination and envision no flesh showing in the cleavage area and back coverage more than what the sheer shawl offers. I love it. And I got shoes. They are fabulous beady-covered little affairs that make me giggle with delight.

We had tons of Easter cuteness.

The worst sprained ankle in the history of the world. D did it tumbling at cheerleading. We seriously thought it was broken. She couldn't drive for two full weeks. She did it the week before easter, and it is still purple. She can at least walk on it and drive now. Poor thing.

Yup. B turned 8. My camera died during the party we had after the baptism, but I was lucky and got a couple shots before it went.

Take a good look at those brand new scriptures. Ten minutes from when this was taken they were carried into the changing area and, in typical 8 year old boy fashion, set down in the biggest puddle he could find.

Just because the B doesn't get enough blog time. He really is as adorable as the girls. Just don't tell him I referred to him as adorable. He might disown me.

This is how to cook tilapia. In a disc in oil in the backyard. Salt and squeeze on lime juice. Mamasita, who has sort of adopted us, makes us authentic mexican delicacies and brings them to us like some kind of religious offering. A very appreciated and well loved religious offering. An offering that necessitates my currently strict diet of irritating proportion that may enable me to actually wear the above mentioned dress. Pray for me.

Proof that I am busy. See. Just cake. No dragons, no teapots, no fairy mushrooms, no Blue's Clues.

I love 2. This much cuteness should be illegal.

At six, I can see where this is headed:

I know, I should totally lock her up now.

RIP little super-soft, put-upon bunny. Bad doggies, BAD. *sniff*

That's enough for now. Lets hope that Blogger will post this super long post without me having to swear and stamp my feet. I think I'll copy the whole thing Much love to all the fam who anxiously await the blog report who've been dissapointed these many times. And if I have any Blogger friends left, I am totally impressed and I'll be able to visit bloggies just a bit until finals start next week. I'll come back this summer for sure. I promise.