Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Its Name Shall Be Monster

So the dog I bought Hubster? Yeah, he's pretty much my baby. Oh, sure, I let Hubster take him to Kansas a couple times so he can fulfill his only goal in life, but aside from that, he's more than happy to stay at home with me where he can tunnel under the coop to get at my chickens, dig under the fences so he can roam the neighborhood, jump on my couches and sleep in my laundry room.


It's a life of unspeakable luxury. Any other dog caught trying to eat my chickens would be dropped off at the pound. Even using Gramma's technique of tying the poor dead chicken round the blood thirsty dog's neck only resulted in a fun afternoon of "play with the poor dead chicken tied round my blood thirsty neck". Wildly unsuccessful by any measure.


Anyhow. The stupid dog stays. What can I say? His ears are impossibly soft.

I am not an indoor dog person. We've had several dogs in our 13 year marriage, and not one of them has been allowed to sleep in my house. But as the temperature here in Texas reached a bitter cold 30-something degrees *snort*, I went out to get another log for the fire and the blood thirsty killer followed me to the wood pile so I could hear his teeth chattering. No, I'm not kidding. The blood thirsty killer's teeth were literally chattering.

So now he sleeps in the laundry room. Much to his credit, he NEVER potties inside. Ever. He will howl and bark and tear the door off the hinges to avoid pooping in the laundry room. I may have to spend a fortune remodeling the laundry room, but I will not be cleaning up blood thirsty killer poop. So there's something in his favor.

The problem I have is that he is as determined to tear crap up as he is to dig to china out in the yard. We've lost several pairs of perfectly good shoes due to his ability to hide them for a midnight snack, and it's become my morning surprise to go see what he's gotten his teeth into during the night. It's just like Christmas, only, it sucks.

He commandeered a scruffy old pillow for his sleeping comfort, and since he didn't tear it up, I let him have it.


Then one day, I decided to fold an old sheet in half, add another pillow and an old blanket, sew up the side and make him a little doggie bed. Before Christmas, I saw the nicest doggie beds at Sam's Club, but patted myself on the back for my superior thrift when I saw the price tag. Besides, I reasoned, it probably wouldn't fit in my laundry room space anyway. Then Friday night, he tore my thrifty little doggie bed open and pulled out the pillows. Traitor.

So, I reasoned, I needed to wash the cover anyway, so I'd wash everything, put it all back and sew it back together. I messed with it most of the day Saturday, but the clean bed was worth it.

Until last night. The traitor ripped my thrifty little doggie bed into bits.

So, I could go buy the really pretty doggie bed I saw at Sam's Club, but, I reasoned, it still wasn't going to fit in the space allotted. I really need to be able to walk between the freezer and the doggie bed. So I'd make him a new one...
I have yards and yards and yards of fabric that Gramma gave me for my inheritance, I'll just get some of the upholstery velvet circa 1970 and a bit of the big bolt of corduroy and make him a tougher version...a bed more fitting for a blood thirsty traitor. Now, this may surprise some of you, my three readers, but I actually built a house once, with my own two hands. I am familiar with the term, "Measure twice, cut once". I'm also famous for winging it. Working without a net. Flying without a flight plan. Sewing without a pattern.


I sure am glad I didn't buy him one of those beds at Sam's Club that would have only taken up half that space.

*That* ought to fix him for being such a blood thirsty traitor.

Monday, December 29, 2008

A Monster Post

How about a whirl-wind catch up post? OK. Here we go.

A loooong while back I shot some darling photo's of J to serve as her new school year photo. Here are my favorites in random order:




And I had so much fun I dragged her sister out of bed and got this shot:


Over on the side bar in my Flikr stream are pictures from Halloween...we had Zorro, Princess Leah, and Snow White this year.


But my favorite thing from halloween was how J chose to rummage her candy haul:


Then I captured movie watching with Dad...I think they were watching Swiss Family Robinson, the giggles are because I scared the tar out of a little girl who was seriously engrossed in the show. (Note: We make it our policy to lock up all her clothes so she can never find them.)


I don't think I ever got around to posting pictures of the grand baby...yeah, she's only 6 months old now.



Aren't itty bitty baby feet just the best?


Back in November we had about three days of the most incredible colors, I got some very fun shots of the kids in the pile of leaves they made on the front lawn.

This wasn't my favorite of B, but it's grown on me:




I can't even begin to tell you how ticked off I was at the botched depth of field on this one. *sigh* I converted it to b/w and have it framed on my desk. I still love it. I just wish the focus on B's face were...well, there at all really...

kids fall2 2008

Here are Thing One and Thing Two...of the baby shower fame:

That was a tough session. The only place in their house with any light was this tiny bathroom...but we managed to get some fun shots.

Then in early December, K had a *very* bad accident. She removed a bowl of Ramen Noodles from the microwave and lost control of the bowl.



I immediately began to use Hubster's cold laser on it and she was given a blessing. Today, two and a half weeks later, her leg looks like the tan peeled off, but no major scarring. It never even really got horrible looking after the blisters peeled off. Unfortunately, I didn't laser her toes as intensly as I did her leg. She will have scars on her toes, she still has open wounds across her toes, but they are healing. Here's a picture of the laser in use on the second day:


The very next day, my nephew graduated from Chiropractic College. He asked Hubster to hand him his diploma...it was very sweet...and I got to see my SIL...one of my very favorite people ever. Look at his cute little wife...aren't they just beyond sweet?




And I'll finish this monster post with a slew of Christmas photo's and a sentence that begins with a conjunction...just cause school's out and I'm feelin' lazy.

New Christmas aprons and comforter (on arm of couch):


Look close and you may be able to identify what we ate on Christmas Eve by the shmutz on B's shirt:






Monday, December 01, 2008


Remember this:

My Fist Day?

Well, Saturday will be:

My Last Day

Sort of.

Community College is so yesterday....well...it's so Saturday...but you know what I mean.

So I guess they'll be giving me a little scrap of paper and sending me on my way. In January, I'll be joining Texas A&M university as a transfer student in their BSBA program.

But for now, I have to finish up this week with testing and other such nonsense and just because I am a glutton for punishment, I'll be throwing a Christmas party for 150 guests. Good thing they put me in charge so I can delgate rather than actually do any of the real work...phew!

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Cat in The Hat Baby Shower

There's a girl I know who's having twins. So when it came time to throw a baby shower for her, I kind of got a little crazy and we threw a Cat in The Hat themed party!

I started by downloading some Dr. Suess font and coming up with the invitations:

There are two things inside Tina's tummy,
so we're planning some food and some games that are funny.
Come bring yourselves, we know just what to do!
Come help us welcome Thing 1 and Thing 2!

and inside:

We've picked out a time:
and a date:
and a place:
...now all we need is to see your sweet face!

Though asking is usually a futility, we'd really appreciate an R.S.V.P.

I love that last part! I crack myself up sometimes!

Then I drew up a Cat in the Hat and Thing 1 and Thing 2 and scanned them in, printed them out so they looked like a book.

Now for the decorations. I was so lucky to have a partner in crime. A very peppy partner in crime. Hi Peppy Partner in Crime...you now have your very own spiffy bloggy name type thing.

Anywho. She got into the spirit of things...big time! I told her my idea to have huge kites and string kite string all over the hall and goldfish in bowls for the centerpieces and random word strips from the book on the tablecloths and the red box and as much stuff as we could dream up from the book. I think I said it pretty much like that too, I was so excited. Well, she not only took that gigantic run-on sentence in stride and pretty much just did everything I imagined, but then she came up with a ton of cute and creative stuff on her own! We had goofy Suess tables and pictures and lamps and flower pots and punch! Yes, we had Pink Yink Ink Drink and True Blue Who Goo...and they were really pink and blue!!! And yes, our friend is having a boy AND a girl! How cute is that!?! And of course, there was cake. Don't be fooled by the photos. The idea was to make it look just like the one in the book, so it's made to look like a two story. But I'm here to tell you, that sucker is SIX layers of white with raspberry filling and buttercream frosting, topped off with marshmallow fondant. Notice the clever painting of the window, complete with Mom's foot, rain, sidewalk, goofy Suess trees...it was SO fun!

So here's the tour:

One of the kites, with string:
Baby Shower

We only invited fun people. Definately upped the level of silliness:
Baby Shower

Baby Shower

Baby Shower

We hung the painted sheets over the windows, so we could have a wet, wet, wet day:
Baby Shower

More fun people and silliness...we were making babies!
Baby Shower

No goldfish were harmed in the making of this baby shower...really. I promise.
Baby Shower

We just had so much fun putting this together! Now I'm lying awake at night imagining all the other fun book themed parties I could throw!

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

What HAVE I Been Doing?

Lots. Plenty. That's for sure.

OK, I've been sitting here watching Grey's Anatomy and picking my toes. You caught me.

Actually I've been trying to keep my head above water...what with all the educational persuits around here. I've actually worked myself hard enough to earn a few days off, so I'll be posting some catch up action over the next few days..I think. So check in a few times and you might have something new to look at!

For now, here's a pic of my new do:


When I discovered that my ultra cool angular bob had been renamed the "Even-smaller-than-small-town-town mom's haircut" I drew the line and got something different. I don't love it as much, but it's better than being grouped in with the angular bob haircut groupies.

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Picture Day 2008

This morning was just cool enough that I decided it was a good time to get rolling with school pictures for this year. B needs a haircut, so his turn will be soon. I also want to do some location shots with all of them this weekend. Pretty sure I need to get some external storage ASAP! LOL

I'm also working on a baby show for a friend, I'll post all the details since I can hardly stand the cuteness. Cat in the Hat is the theme, and I've been busy, busy, busy. My family didn't know I can draw. Kind of funny that hubster has been married to me for almost 13 years and and I can still pull a surprise or two out of the hat!

So here are some of my favorites from this morning.

From New Uploads

From New Uploads

From New Uploads

From New Uploads

From New Uploads

From New Uploads

Pretty sure this is my favorite:

From New Uploads

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

J Turns Fowah!


So here is a little girl who has been waiting to turn "Fowah" for days and days. She is now big, according to her. So to celebrate her "bigness", she got a bike for her big day.


She's a tough read sometimes. She said it was just what she always wanted, but wasn't really very keen to get on it and ride.


If there is anything that will make your heart go pitter-patter like a big strong manly man helping a little bitty girl ride her bike, I'm not sure what it is.


But by tonight she was showing off for her friends. She fell off two or three times going too fast around corners. Tha's my girl!


I had to include this one. This is Queen of the Sunbeams. Never, ever has there been a sweeter, more dedicated Sunbeam teacher. This sweet lady sent postcards every week to her class members, scheduled playdates with them, and is just one of those teachers you pray your kids get. Here she is at J's party, which isn't really all that much of a stretch, until you consider that not only do we no longer go to church at the same time as she, but she no longer even serves as a Sunbeam teacher, she's in the presidency! Yet, here she is, hanging out with J, helping her turn "Fowah". How cool is she? I told you she is the Queen.


I made cake. Please don't fall over from the shock. My Grandma G and Nanna used to collect Jasperware Wedgewood China. Since I've already made one teapot cake, I wanted to try and change things up a bit, so I looked to the Jasperware for a little inspiration. It has a bit of a lean. Probably because of the twitch I've developed in my left eye as a result of all the "Fowah-ness".