Wednesday, August 30, 2006

My Big Day

I am officially a college student. Here's how the first day went:

6:45- Woke up. As in, A.M. Yes, I know, shocking, really.

7:00- Dressed and presentable, I sat down to breakfast and a short assignment for my online english class.

7:30- Wondered why Hubster's phone alarm sounded different.

7:31- Wondered why Hubster was roaming the house, nekkid.

7:32- Searching house for D's folder. Secretly hoping Hubster got a taste of why I don't drag children out of bed. Ever.

7:35- Leave Hubster looking for missing folder.

7:40- Wonder how many light changes I'll sit through before I get to turn the corner.

7:50- Think to self, "Self, you should maybe get out of the house earlier"

7:51- Park car and hike approximately 4 miles up hill in the snow blazing sun humid early dawn.

7:59- Walk into mostly full class room and take a seat behind large youth wearing a baseball cap.

7:59:30- Realize I should have studied and tried to pass to a higher Math placement. Remedial math=remedial student types. Got that equation down just DANDY Mr. College Professor, sir.

8:05- What's that sickeningly sweet smell?

8:10- Large youth with baseball cap seems to be sweating now, the smell is getting stronger.

8:15- Realize that I am either going to throw up, or pass out, or both.

8:16- Entertain the thought that I might be having a panic attack instead.

8:17- Realize that, no, I am in fact, about to throw up.

8:17:10- The air conditioning kicks on.

8:17:30-8:45- Squirm uncomfortably through a remedial fractions lesson.

8:50- Class dismissed. I go searching for something to ease my discomfort and sooth my throat, which I now realize feels like I've swallowed sandpaper.

9:00- Watch Coke machine take my last four quarters and fail to dispense my much needed beverage.

9:15-10:15- Endure arrogant Professor of history bumbling through class rules and trying to crack jokes, even trying to make one at MY expense. Briefly wonder if the first day of class is a good time to tell a Professor to get over himself.

10:16- Flee to the comfort and safety of my car, at least it was downhill this time.

10:50- Walk through door and tell Hubster I'm going to bed, and no, that's not an invitation.

11:00-3:30- Sleep the fitful sleep of fever and chill, trying to ignore the small people who are circling my bed like a pack of vultures.

3:30- Realize the house is quiet. Hubster took the kids out.

4:30- Pop dinner in the oven. Lie on couch wishing for the world to end.

5:30- Shower and re-dress for round two.

6:00- Buy Cherry Vanilla Coke at convienience store.

6:20- Stroll to class. Uphill, but only two miles this time.

6:25-9:15- Enjoy Biology lecture and think all classes should be night classes or internet classes.

9:20- Drive home.

9:25- Coughing fit.

9:25:15- Hit curb.

9:25:18- Listen to the sickening, thud, thud, thud, of a tire with no air in it.

9:26- Call Hubster and break the news.

9:27- Lower spare, jack up car, take off tire.

9:40- Hubster finishes job for me, and doesn't even complain that I stayed in bed all day, then ruined a brand new Michelin tire.

Lucky for me, road hazard warranty also covers "stupid", so the tire was replaced this morning at nominal cost, but I think I'll try to have a better day tomorrow, if it's all the same to you! We rested and took it easy today, and aside from the dagger that must surely be sticking out of my tonsil, I feel much, much better. So I'm off to bed early and I'll try to give you a happy post sometime in the near, near future!


Stephanie said...

Night classes were always my favorite. The professors always seemed better then. I wonder why that is.

I hope you feel better soon.

Kacey said...

You day alone makes me feel exhausted, let alone not feeling well. I remember being young and being able to conquer the world. If anyone can --- you can. I was a SAHM and wife for 22 years --- I thought the family would die if I were not there to handle everything. Then, I was called for Jury Duty and was seated on two juries --- one civil and one criminal. Amazingly enough, my family survived my being out of the house for a couple of weeks. So, at 40 years old with the kids 16, 17 and 19 --- I went to nursing school. I was up at 5:30 in the morning, dressed and out the door to class until 4:00pm. I took a nap until 6:00 after throwing a load in the washer and one in the dishwasher. We ate at the restaurant where all three kids worked for 30% off (why cook?) and then home to study and run loads through the dryer and fold laundry between papers on nutrition, anatomy, basic nursing, disease processes and pharmacology. Weekends, I played catch-up. Your children are little, so get as much help as you can and I know you can do it! I feel it! God bless you.

Antique Mommy said...

My first day back to college (somewhere back in my 30s) I was running late, like you, and I yelled at someone who cut in front of me in the parking lot and I all but waved the proverbial bird them. When I walked into my first class I discovered it was my teacher. I squinched my eyes shut really tight and tried very hard to vaporize myself but couldn't.

Maine Mom said...

Wow! That's quite a first day back to school. I hope it has gone better since then :-)

Nettie said...

Wow! That was not a fun first day! I sure hope things have gone more smoothly since! (And what a great hubby, it really doesn't matter that he doesn't know how to buy you a facial, does it?)