Monday, August 21, 2006

Monday Meltdowns

For me. Not the children. No, their job is to inform people who drop by unannounced with a child on their hip that they expect *moi* to babysit that, "Mom's crying because that dress didn't fit." Shuddapwouldja?

Yes, it seems that Mondays just aren't good days for me. Is it the vast expanse of the week stretching out before me? Or maybe it's the fact that I start my Mondays off with desk time, in which I attempt to be the Mom of All Bill Paying. Or maybe that in all this Mondayness, I just want to get to the library so I can see the unsmiling faces of the fat, old, kid-hating women they employ there.


Beats me.

So I really did have one of those days. It was the first day of school for D, who is in PS. And the first day of PS signals the day that I begin to berate myself if we don't achieve homeschool perfection. We schooled most of the summer, but in a funner, less worksheet-ed way. But alas, I must push my little darlings to get their very own writing callus and so back to the worksheets we go. I woke up early. Like 5 am early. And when you've only just gone to sleep at midnight, getting up early is not a good sign. Next, I made the mistake of checking over the bank thing, which led to the sudden need to deposit the paycheck. Back from the bank, DHL arrives. Ah. The Dress. Charming. I knew better than to try it on. I knew. Still. It's going back from whence it came.

So as I sniffled and blew my nose, and soothed my injured pride with a nice bowl of sugar cereal, a person really did show up at my door with a child on her hip expecting (not asking) me to watch said child. This child is a darling child, but J thinks he rips a hole in her time/space continum. He breaths her air, and, quite frankly, he LOOKS at her. Much screaming and pushing and pulling and hitting ensues. This is not a combination that I find compatible with homeschooling. I watched said child until she sent in the relief crew, but the damage was done.

When we arrived at the library, the newly potty converted person was soaked. Yes, the same one who went all day long at the museum with no accidents had an accident in the ten minutes it takes to drive to the library. Lucky me. I did have a back up pair of clothes that were only a little wet from the water bottle that leaked on them. The unsmiling lady informed me that they STILL haven't found the book that I returned and they lost. I'm serious. I really have looked everywhere and I SWEAR I remember seeing it in the book drop when I brought it back. So we got our goodies, and I must say, I loooooove the library when it's just me and the other homeschoolers. We smile our knowing smiles at each other and load up our laundry baskets with books. No one to point fingers at us or shush our children. Love it.

So I decided that it had already been a fairly cruddy start to the day, I'd finish it off like a band aid. Just rip it off real fast so I could go home and stay there until forced out. I went and bought my books for my classes that start next week. Get this. I had to SIGN A PAPER, that said I realized that the bookSTORE I was SHOPPING in and GIVING LARGE AMOUNTS OF MY MONEY TO, still OWNS the books and that I am BORROWING THEM. If I don't bring them back, I'll be held responsible.

Let me just give you a minute to wrap your mind around that.


I'm thinking that a great deal of my blogging time in the up coming months will be devoted to snarky comments about college. And I couldn't be more thankful that I did not schedule a single class on Mondays.


Stephanie said...

Yeah, Mondays suck.

JD said...

Snarky! Love that word I am totally incorporating that one in the daily vocab. I will cite you when possible I swear.

Nettie said...

I can't believe they say they still own the books! The system taking advantage of gullible young people, if you ask me.

And I hear you on the library gripes. Ours lost 5, yes FIVE, of the books I returned last time. Even after I came in and found 3 of the 5 sitting on their shelves, they still are hounding me to bring in the other 2. I feel like having them sign a paper everytime I return books from now on, just to document they are at fault.

Lets all GRRRRRRRR! together, shall we?

(And I hope it was only Monday that wen't poorly this week!)