Monday, August 07, 2006


I interrupt this blog to bring you some important news: Mom of All Trades' house is clean. Every room, at the same time. And we aren't expecting company. The clothes are even folded and put away. I rock. Ahem.

I also need to give praise to Jacquelyn Mitchard's new book Cage of Stars. I've actually gone through and read all but two of her books and have yet to be dissapointed. What a talented writer! One of the people on the back cover of the book (Luanne Rice) said it perfectly when she said "...when I finish reading one of her novels, I somehow know more about myself." She did a great job researching the LDS religion to give credibility to her main characters in Cage of Stars. There were a couple goofs, but she is currently asking for readers input so revisions can be made in upcoming printings. Chris over at Notes From the Trenches did an interview with her, which is how I found out about her writing. She seems very down to earth, and she has a real talent for human insight. You should check her out, girls! She's a keeper!


Gabriela said...

clean house? Kudos to you!

Thanks for the book tip, I'll check it out! :)

Stephanie said...

I am standing on my chair applauding you and your clean house! I am turning a million shades of green too!

I read that post. I can't wait to read that book. I read "Deep End of the Ocean" and LOVED it.

Kacey said...

Congrats on the clean house --- and with kids, no less! Anyway, be really glad that the toddler has not discovered paint cans. I had a pair of them paint the pillars on the porch, all their Tonka trucks, the snow shovel and the brick on the side of the house.
I do believe that nail polish remover takes gum out --- also, as a first choice ---- keep WD-40 on hand for anything. I took gum out of the carpet in a brand new car with WD-40 and a butter knife. Good Luck! Taa Daaahhh!