Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Random Soup

Note to self:
When your toddler says "Taa Daaaaaah!", don't just absent mindedly repeat her and smile your self assured smile that your toddler, is the cutest toddler in the world. Especially when you've given her gum to keep her quiet in the library. You need to LOOK at the child. If the child is stringing gum around her head, one "Taa Daaaaah!" equals one lap around the head. Five "Taa Daaaaah!'s" is a LOT of gum to clean up.

Why Boys are Easier:
I was discussing K's guest list for her upcoming b-day party. I find myself only a week to party time, so I will be calling to invite people...again. So I asked her, "so you want to invite S, and A and K..." She interrupted me and said, "Well, S doesn't like A and A doesn't like S and K doesn't like S."

Wow. Um. OK. Sounds like I may want to have extra hands on deck to referee the clash of the six year olds.

"Well," I asked her, "what about C? You like her right?"

To which K replied, "Oh no! She doesn't like ANYONE! I don't know *what* has gotten into her."

I am dead meat.

And Finally:

I'm official. Well, they're going to let me park there, anyway.

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Maine Mom said...

Sounds like things are pretty entertaining there right now :-)