Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Wiring 101 1/2

So I installed a new light fixture in my kitchen today! I have to admit, I didn't accomplish this feat all by myself this time. Due to some, shall we say, CREATIVE wiring in this house, I had to call on a friend from church with a little more experience than I have. Wiring a three way switch is actually a pretty advanced electrical task. Not hard, per say, but it requires more thought than, "black to black, white to white and ground to ground". The problem came about because some genius decided to provide power to the dishwasher through the light fixture. No WONDER the light flickers when you turn on the dishwasher. Hmmmmm. So with the help of Handyman Bob, we finally got the light to work, and turn on and off at the flick of a switch, (and not the breaker switch in the garage, like I had it before Handyman Bob came to my rescue), and the dishwasher to run and NOT turn on and off with the flick of a switch. All this and we didn't burn the house down or electrocute anyone! And the biggest award of the day has to go to Handyman Bob's wife, who somehow convinced J that drawing bunny rabbits was more fun than cheating death at the top of mommy's ladder.

Also, since I'm sure I didn't mention it, B and Hubster are on a four wheeling adventure with Grandpa and my perfect BIL so K and J and I are on our own doing girl stuff and trying to keep our minds off missing our boys. We went to the mall yesterday, and today, we bought a car and went swimming. Can't afford very many days like that, can we Hubster? Prolly ought to come home pretty soon! LOL Hubster and I have been needing to buy a car for his commute and he TOLD me to go drive the one I found and get them to hold it. So I bought it. What? It's the only way I could get him to hold it.

I seriously hope this turns out to be a good car, if not, I am SO never hearing the end of it. It's a 1996 Nissan Maxima, it has 122,000 miles on it and it drove better than the 98 I found with 74,000 miles on it. You know how sometimes you can just tell a car is a good car? Well. I can tell. Hubster is being very nice about it. He started to either tease me or get mad, but, sensing that I've been a woman on the edge for a looooong time, he told me he was sure the car would work out. I so needed to hear that. I don't feel like I squeezed every dime I should have out of the salesman. Going over how that went down makes me want to breath into a paper bag. I hate, hate, hate car shopping. Funny. Seeing as how I SOLD cars for four years, you wouldn't think that it would bother me at all.

And finally, I heard from dad that my mom's dog died today. I felt bad she didn't tell me when I called to get dad's cell number to ask his advice on the wiring project, so I hope she reads the bloggy tonight and feels a little better reading my goofy stories and seeing pics of her beautiful grand daughters. *Hug* Sorry about Suki, Mom.

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