Wednesday, March 22, 2006

After the parties

Comes the cleanup. Boy I thought I was smart. The Plan: Borrow BIL's bouncehouses (they're HUGE-O-NORMUS), have kids stay outside and jump in them, feed them cake, (outside, right at the end, so they can't puke on them), roll the bounce house up, voila!

*insert creepy music*

Then opened the heavens and down came THE RAIN.

We've been in a draught. Everything's been on fire. For.months. One night I need dry skies, you wouldn't think that would be too much to ask...but I digress.

So, we were sort of lucky, since the rain held off until the last little bit of the party, and with the help of my good friend, we packed the blower motors into the shed just as the rain started coming down. The bounce houses, by BIL assured me, wouldn't be harmed and would dry out when blown back up. No problem.

So it rained, and rained, and rained all weekend long. I went out Monday and blew up the bounce houses. Hmmmm. Those look dirty. Sweet mother of pearl, is that? DUCK POOP? Why, yes, I do beleive it is. Duck poop, and dirt, and grass clippings and leaves. I think BIL of the perfect hair, perfect house, perfect wife, perfect family will not be happy with duck poop on his belongings. BIL is perfect in every way, but I do beleive that I'd best not test the perfection of his patience with his SIL. So, I get the broom. I'll be danged, duck poop does not come off with a broom. So, I got the hose. Ah, duck poop removal tool secured, but remember how I told you that they are HUGE-O-NORMUS? I was wishing I had a power washer, because the combination of cruddy water pressure and a too short hose was frusterating my attempts at duck poop removal. No matter, let them dry out and surely we'll be able to broom off the rest. By this time, night has fallen, so I decide tomorrow will be soon enough. No rain until Thursday.

So today, the day broke, barely, it was cold, and overcast, and definately looking like rain. So, cursing yahoo weather, I put on my sweats, think, no problem, I'll just blow them up, make sure they're dry and roll them up. Apparantly, duck poop disappears when wet, then, MAGICALLY REAPPEARS WHEN DRY! Woo Hoo!

So, I spent my day scrubbing duck poop and mud off HUGE-O-NORMUS inflatable bounce houses with my 280 pound friend. Dear heaven I hope she never discovers my blog. Because right now, my pc-o-meter is running dry. I love you Wizard-Woman, but you are at least 280, and cleaning off HUGE-O-NORMUS inflatable bounce houses with you becomes much funnier when that fact is disclosed. Especially when you talk about becoming a human butt squeegie to get the rest of the water out and you flop on the folded up house to get that water out and the castle tourets reinflate instantly, making me think to myself, "Self, those look like giant, inflateable cones. Did she really turn into a human butt squeegie? Oh heavens, where *is* my camera". Aside from getting in my laugh for the day, I do owe the Wizard One big time for helping me restore BIL's bounce houses to their former, perfectly-non-duck-poop-covered glory. It took all day, but 2 down, one to go. Yes, you read that right, I get to do it all again TOMORROW!!!!!!!

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The Daring One said...

So you see, it's true. Posting about parking spot dances and duck poop definitely makes for a successful blog.