Sunday, March 26, 2006


Some of my favorites, I'll keep adding to this just because I love them so much.

"All around the Merry Go Bush"
Frogs say "Yibbit, Yibbit!"
OK, those are pretty old, but I noticed she still says "hippie-toes" :P

"Mom, I want to go to college that makes you become the President"

To my husband when K threw up all over the inside of his truck and he asked why she didn't tell him she felt sick: "Tewldi not sick, she touched her WUNG!" (that was a while ago too)

"What, son?"
"Did it hurt?"
"Did what hurt, you need to be more specific, you can't ask me a question and not tell me what you're talking about!"
"When you fell from heaven?"

I think E gets the credit for teaching him that one.


Crazy and lovin' it said...

"Yibbit! Yibbit!" Oh that is super!! Keep them comming!

owlhaven said...

'fell from heaven?"
hmmm, time for a birds and bees talk?


Mary, mom to many