Thursday, March 30, 2006

New day

I had a lovely post which was eaten by Blogger on Sunday. Grrr. Now I'm grasping at straws for new material. The moment seems to have passed to re-write what I'd written.

So how many times did you live in the moment today? I really am curious. My friend and accomplice in duck-poop wrangling, Wizard Woman, has been staying here with her small one who is about three weeks younger than J, until she's able to find new digs and get a couple paychecks from new jobs. I've been watching the small one and I'm finding out why I never had twins. Losing my mind over here. Hate poop. Not fond of it when it's in the diaper of someone who I carried for 9 months, but really, really struggle when it's in the diaper of someone I didn't carry around for 9 months. Hate bickering. Trying to referee the near constant toddler brawl that's going down at my house since the wee ones don't get self-control just yet, is kicking my butt. Hate feeling like I can.not. get things together and my fuse is so short I find myself going outside to chop wood and eating copious amounts of chocolate.

That's a lot of hate.

So I'm trying to find more joy. More joy in my children. More joy in service. More joy in my life.

Trying to live in the moment.

I love that J crawls all over me and has taken to kissing me when I holler "OUCH!" when she steps in the middle of my stomach or digs her elbows into the raisins that used to be my nursing buddies. She doesn't give out many kisses. I cherish every one.

I love that K is bright and cute and funny. She is sweet and her dawning sense of humor is smart and able to draw howls of indignant wailing from her brother, who has taken to picking at her all.the.time. I love that she got tired of him bugging her and punched him in the head. I know. Pass the bad mommy award, but I really am going somewhere with this: I love that she's tolerant, and at the same time, not afraid to stand up for herself, even when the odds are against her.

I love that B has gotten the concept of starting with what he knows and adding to it. Example: When learning to add, small children will use their fingers and add, say, 5 + 2. They count on their fingers, "One-two-three-four-five, six-seven!" Well, he's now able to start at five, and add "six-seven". Making me even prouder, is that he has added to this profound new discovery and will add subsequent numbers. We did adding up to four digits today.

I love that D gets up at 6 to go to seminary, goes to school all day, goes to cheer practice, then goes to track practice, THEN comes home and doesn't mind spending time with the fam, even when she's so tired she can hardly keep her eyes open. She's gonna make a great mom and wife someday. She's becoming a great friend, even now.

I love that E is driving 900 miles one way over a weekend to come see us. I suspect it has something to do with showing off his new car, but you know what? That's OK too, because I'm so proud of him for figuring out how to do things for himself at an earlier age than what we were preparing him to. He made a decision without all the facts and he punted when he had to. I'm so proud of him for being able to think on his feet.

I love that M has had his financial aid suspended. Yup. Make room for that bad mommy award, I think Kris probably has a competition on her hands for it. I feel bad for him, I really do, but I love that he is learning life's lessons the hard way, just the way I chose to do it. It gives me hope that he will land on his feet, and maybe, just maybe if I'm super lucky, he might find himself on his knees somewhere between here and there. I'm starting to think Hubster is right to think that we did teach them what they need to know and that they will most likely grab hold of it for themselves.

I love that Hubster is my husband. I could go on for days about the things I love about him. But for today, I'll try and limit myself to just a few. I love that he comes into the kitchen and helps me with the dishes. I love that he plays with his babies. I love that he has taught me so much about life.

What did you love about today?


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