Sunday, July 13, 2008

Father's Day

Early July 006

A bit late, but I should chronicle the addition of the latest family member here. Hubster has always wanted a German Shorthair Pointer. They are a sporting dog and not the most common thing to try and find. When you do find them, they cost a bit and then flying them to where you might be able to pick them up costs even more. I got lucky and found a man who had his dogs flown to him and then decided he'd like to have a litter...thus making it so he wouldn't have to have a new dog flown to him when his got too old for hunting. He ended up with 9, so he posted them on a little corner of the internet and with my supa Google skillz I found them and was pleased to see that he not only didn't want a million dollars for them but that he lived close enough that I could drive there and back in a day. So under the cover of a Boy Scout field trip, I loaded up the girls and went to pick him up. Hubster was not overly surprised that wanted to get him a dog for Father's Day, but was surprised that we actually GOT him a dog for Father's Day! He decided to call him "Q". Do you see it?

Early July 010

He could just as well have gone with "8", but then the Bond nod would be lost...
Early July 008

I don't generally care much about his hunting dogs, but I really, really love this one.

Early July 037

Look at those eyes. Now if he just won't eat any more chickens, I'll love him a whole lot more.

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