Thursday, July 20, 2006

Thursday Thoughts

I've been working hard on regaining some semblence of my pre-babies body. I started with weights and lots and lots and lots of ab work. I'm making some progress, two steps forward, one bowl of ice cream back, but I digress.

Lately, I've been using DVR to record Fit TV workouts (since my pilates dvd went missing). I found All Star Workout and I've liked that there is something new everyday, but I do find some workout's are better than others. Take the Belly Dancing one from today. Things started out, well, OK, since there's no way I can roll my belly and have it look like anything other than a big roll of pasty white jello, I skipped that part. So we moved on to hip drops. OK. I've been known to shake a little booty in my day. After the instructor showed us the booty shake, she showed us a step sequence called, the "grapevine", I only fell once, so it was cool. Then we had to shake the booty AND do the grapevine. Since hubster is working out of town today, I decided against personal injury and skipped that part. She moved on to some hip circles and something called the "egyptian", and I watched. Somewhere between the "basic" and the final hip roll, I found myself lounging on the couch with a perplexed look on my face and I decided that maybe belly dancing wasn't a viable option for me as a workout program.

K has been sounding like she's 6 going on 16 lately.

Me: 6+4 eqaaaaallllssss?
K: 10! It's 10! B, hush up, I know, cuz I used ALL MY FINGERS!


B: I didn't save my money for Sonic! I want to buy a game!
K: I'm not spending *MY* money, that's mostly mine for a GAME.

(Wonder where she learned to talk like that?)

And now we're off to spend the rest of the afternoon at my friend's pool. Yeahy for friends with pools during 105 degree days!


Code Yellow Mom said...

Hilarious belly dancing scenario...So funny. Good for you, doing workouts, though. I usually start out on the couch with a perplexed look. And finish there, with no movement in between. I think it's the pasty white jello thing. I just can't get over the inhibitions it causes. :)

"I only fell once, so it was cool." OK, you are just funny. Hope tomorrow's workout is better...

Maine Mom said...

I think I would be skipping the belly dancing workout, too!
Have fun swimming!...that could be your workout for the day :-)