Friday, July 28, 2006


So all my much cooler bloggy friends are doing the thing where you google your name to find out what you need, so here I am, following along and posting my top ten:

Jennifer needs a smack daddy. Me thinks daddy is the one who needs a smack right now...

Jennifer needs heavy visual depiction of her subject. The better to ensure that the rock I'm about to throw, finds it's mark.

Jennifer needs a cold shower. Yes, but not for traditional reasons of one needing a cold shower.

Jennifer needs Your Help. Yes, that goes without saying.

Jennifer needs to post. I'm on it.

Jennifer needs to slap Abby. If I could find her, I just might do that.

Jennifer needs to be in a mental health facility right now. There might be some truth in that...

Jennifer needs flatware. Oooooh, have I ever told you about my flatware addiction? No? Ohhhhhh. How much time have you got?

Jennifer needs to do five things. Only five?! Holy Cow! I wish someone would have told me this sooner!

Jennifer needs to be a (not very nice female person). I'll make sure and tell Hubster I'm only being that way because Google said so.

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brandi ginn said...

It's so funny reading these! I haven't done it yet but I'm sure I should! Then I'll be the one following all of the cool bloggers ;)