Monday, July 10, 2006

Discussing My Addiction

Gabriela pointed out this weekend that I might be a little bit addicted to the internet. While discussing with Hubster what we want to do when D graduates from HS, the thought of sending my husband to medical school in Belize came up. My first thought was: "I can live anywhere as long as they have a good, fast internet connection." Not, "I wonder if they have good schools and decent sanitation", nope, I'm worried about my download/upload speed. Go ahead and laugh if you want Gabs, but considering everything I've done on-line already this morning, a world without internet would mean some serious withdrawls for me. Here's what I do "in front of the computer all day":

Check bank balance
Pay bills
Locate at least three phone numbers for Hubster
Check the cattle prices
Register for Hubster's seminar
Check Library to see if my book is in yet
check Little League site for fall registration
Add homeschool books to my shopping carts (gotta order those soon)
check cell phone account for usage estimate
get CLEP test dates and costs
And of course, I've checked my email which is how D got me a picture of her new duvet cover for her room
and now Blogger.

And yes, Blogger is a huge time sink. Instead of tidying up the breakfast, OK, make that the weekend dishes (including the dishes from last night's peach ice cream-making-session), I am writing to you now. I have errands to run, a yard to attend, chickens to feed, children to teach, a shower to take, a house to clean and meals to cook, and still I type. And then I check my bloggy girlfriends' sites. And then I comment. And then I check back later to see if there are more comments, or a new post. If I didn't have the excuse that this is my journal, I'd have to feel pretty guilty about blogging!

But just think of all that time I saved paying bills, looking things up, buying things and signing up for things on line! That has to be the counter balance, right?! That's what I'm telling Hubster. He'll understand why the house is trashed, the laundry isn't done, and dinner came out of a can, right? At least I don't have a suitcase full of shoes to explain, like SOME people we know! LOL


Gabriela said...

Hey! I'm not laughing at you, I'm right there with you. I couldn't live without it either. I do everything online too.


JD said...

I am addicted and proud to journal so any one in the scarry world can see it!!

I love your blog. It helps me to smile :)

momofalltrades said...

ROFL @ Gabriela! I know you aren't laughing AT me...but it makes a funnier story that way...don't you think?! LOL I know I'm addicted, , I'm not afraid to admit it! LOL