Friday, July 07, 2006

The Burning Question on My MInd

I really ought to start taking my camera to the grocery store. My blog would be much more interesting that way. Did you KNOW that Oscar Meyer puts out hot dogs that are individually wrapped (in the box) that are already in BUNS? They call them some thing like, "Easy Dogs". Has any one seen these? Or is it just Texans that are too lazy to heat AND assemble a hot dog? For heaven's sake, J can almost accomplish this task on her own, and she's not even two yet! In fact, I went to their website to obtain a picture of this product just to show you, and there ISN'T ONE! I am laughing, laughing, laughing about the fact that they have this "new" product and there is no mention of it anywhere on their website! They are dumb enough to *make* such a product, but not silly enough to let anyone know that they do. That's just one of those things that makes me go "Hmmmmmmm."

(Remember that song?)

During my outing, I also made a couple observations.

I don't think I will ever master the art of the messy ponytail. There was a very pretty brunette girl at the store who had on hip, cute, clothes, and a perfectly shaped messy ponytail. You've seen them, they have the "tail" part right in the middle of their heads, and the top is artfully arranged so it looks like it's ALMOST about to fall out, and yet, never does. It kind of looks...square...almost. I've seen the look before on my nieces, and they look absolutely fabulous. I try it, and I look like Ashlee Simpson after she went through the car wash in a convertible.

Blondes with big fake boobs, big, badly colored hair do's attract enough attention without ignoring their advanced age and wearing belly shirts. Unfortunatly, this fact is lost on many of them. One woman closely resembling the above remark, was flirting with one of the bagger boys. He looked more nervous than a long tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs. Poor kid couldn't get rid of her fast enough.

I do love to watch people.

But after all my self commentated people watching, I exited the store and caught a glimpse of myself in the glass. I'm telling you, someone REALLY ought to lock up all my husbands oversized t-shirts and gym shorts, make me put on a little makeup once in a while and paint my toenails. And a shower couldn't hurt. If I saw myself in the store like that, I'd be telling myself, "Self, that poor woman needs to get.a.grip. Man, has she looked in a mirror lately? What on earth possessed her to think that get up was acceptable for schlepping around town?"

In my defense I did not have on pajama bottoms and slippers. Which means that at least once or twice, I have looked worse.

Why are comfortable, cotton, loose fitting articles of clothing so good at making us look so bad?


Brandi ginn said...

LOL! You are great at expressing emotion when you write :o) me? not so good at that. I'm not sure how you're working on that messy pony tail thing but here's what I've found that helps...use small butterfly clips to hold up the front at the sides then do the rest of your hair in a pony and just before you pull the last loop through just stop. you get this bun thing with a ponytail end. You can bobby pin the bun part randomly to your head. Or you can twist your hair and hold it in place with a larger butterfly clip...there's a girl at church (my VT companion) and she's got this down to a science...I need her to teach me but I'm too embarassed to ask....
btw I've gone to the mall before in pj bottoms and sandals. Now a days it would be bright pink CROCS

Anonymous said...

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