Thursday, June 29, 2006

You Scream, I Scream....


Yes. This is now a blog about ice cream. And duck poop. And nasty neighbors. And why in the devil am I NUMBER ONE on Google for the search: "Moms drugging pacifier"? Who Googles for *that*? Where was I going with this?.....

Oh yes.

Ice Cream.

I am coming up for air from my delectable dish of homemade, 12 whole ounces of chocolate, chocolate ice cream. Yes. It is THAT good. I would post a picture, but somehow, I'm guessing that a full grown woman with her face covered in chocolate is not cute, like it is when it's your kid, but probably borders on the somewhat pathetic. But I will assure you it is wonderful. So is the Old Fashion, cooked-on-the-stove, vanilla ice cream I ate before the chocolate. And in between dishes, the Strawberry Sorbet is wonderful for cleansing the palate.

I need to step AWAY from the ice cream maker. I'm hoping Hubster comes home soon to put a stop to all this insanity. For some reason, I felt compelled to spend half of this weeks' milk budget on cream. Good thing that stuff keeps forever. I really need to stop with the ice cream already. I'm pretty sure that they don't include enough extra fabric in bridesmaids' dresses to go up a size or two, so staying the same size or smaller in the next three months is probably a good idea.

In other news, it sounds as if the oldest has really "launched". He's been working his first real manual labor job along side his brother in the oil fields of WY and is now the richest young adult on earth. I'm going to call him for a "fresh cream" loan. So far, he's still planning on coming back to college in the fall, but told us he plans on rooming with a buddy. As in, NOT IN MY HOUSE, rooming with a buddy. Is it wrong for a mother to view her child's room as unclaimed real estate? With the three smallest children stacked into ONE bedroom, I've been rethinking this rooming arrangement since we moved in. The house is a three bedroom house, but, the large dining room has regular doorways with doors in all the openings. We decided M should have that room since it is the farthest away from my room. Even two years away could not make me forget the child's' obsession with music. Music played at all hours of the day and night. Music that goes thump thump thump. Where was I going with this?...

Oh yes.

Large area's of unclaimed real estate.

So I wasted very little time moving D's things into the newly vacated real estate. I even hung her posters. Does anyone else find teen idols disturbing? All I can think of is my own teenage boys. Great looking, wonderful kids to be sure, but A. They smell, B. They sweat, C. They sneak out, D. They wreck your cars, E. They start telling girls they only just met that they "love them"...where was I going with this?...

Oh yes.

So B has his own room for the first time since he was 17 months old.

Given the fact that J and K fight like there's no tomorrow, and J thinks B hung the moon, it really would make more sense that he have the baby in his room. But the idea of being able to decorate a BOYS ROOM and a GIRLS ROOM is far, far too great a temptation for me to pass up. Given the fact that Hubster is the Supreme Hunting Man of all time, I have been leaning toward Cammo as the theme for B's new room. He wanted dinosaurs. You have to have cammo to hunt dinosaurs...right? Cammo=Free Decorating, Dinosaurs=Not Free Decorating. Given my latest addiction, it's gonna be cammo, at least until that wonderful tan microsuede comforter goes on sale.

And the girl's room?

I wish I could say that this bed was going to be the centerpiece of their fabulous new room, but, given the fact that even if I could afford that bed, I wouldn't be able to bring myself to spend that kind of money on a bed, I'm thinking a new paint job on the bunk beds and some tulle is going to be the basis of the new design. K has a beautiful pink satin bedspread she got for her last birthday, so I will be picking something fun, and probably purple, for J. My problem is that I have a love/hate relationship with the bunk beds.

They are great for saving space. They are horrible for kissing little sleeping children. I'm going to have to keep thinking on this one. Where was I going with this?...

Oh yes.

I'm going into the kitchen for another bowl of ice cream.


Stephanie said...

Your post had me ROLLING from beginning to end! It is SO easy to get off on a tangent.

My friend showed me that carriage bed about a year and a half ago. How stupid would you have to be to spend $47,000 on a bed for a child that A. wouldn't appreciate it and B. would scratch it up ten minutes after it was installed.

There is a reason they call it posh tots, you sure have to think that your child's diaper smells better than everyone elses to shop there.

Your ice cream sounds divine! I loved licking the spoon to the homemade vanilla custard before it became ice cream when I was little...YUM!

Nettie said...

I so want to hear you talk IRL! I'm sure one could never be bored listening to you.

I understand on the "cream loan". If that stuff was cheaper, we'd be eating WAY more homemade ice cream than we do.

Sounds like you have some fun decorating plans. And, $47K for a bed!!! It ought to come with a pair of horses to pull it at that price.

And the teenage boy behaviors- I'm putting my fingers in my ears now, "La, la, la....."

Heather said...


brandi Ginn said...

LOL I agree with Stephanie..SO easy to get off on tangents! $47K on a BED??!?!? Does it come with PLUMBING?

I have a bed solution/idea for you...we're currently making a platform bed for Brinley's room. The clearance under the bed will be 14 inches. Only the matress will go on top of the bed (no box spring) the surface the matress will sit on will be solid. Then under the bed I'm going to make rolling drawers for her clothes to go in. The bed skirt will cover most of the platform and I intend to make the drawers so they can be pushed in far enough that the skirt will fall back down on it's own (as opposed to relying on a 5 year old to make sure it's hanging properly) anyway this solution will allow me to get rid of her dresser so there's more room. Alexa shares the room with her so I want to do the same thing for her and get rid of her dresser too! So far it's cost $60 but I need to buy more supplies for the drawers, it should only be another $30-40. So I've done a bed and drawers for about $100. I'll post pictures on my blog...I'm painting the pieces today

Today breakfast was chocolate chip cookies. ;)

brandi ginn said...


Yes! I do live in CO but the temple is over an hour away. I'm north in Longmont. How were sealed in Denver! I took out my endowments in Denver but was sealed in San Diego...hubster from San Juan Capistrano. When I first saw a picture of that temple (San Diego) I just KNEW that was the temple I'd be married in. Of course at the time that was rediculous because I was from Denver and I wasn't even dating anyone from California. I bet the Denver temple could fit inside the Dallas temple :o)