Monday, June 26, 2006

My Splurge!

Ohhhhh! I am the luckiest girl in the whole world today!

When I was growing up on the ranch, we kept milk cows. Milk cows mean lots of fresh cream. And one of the more delicious ways to use up cream is in homemade ice cream. The problem with making ice cream now, is that at $3.57 for two cups, it gets expensive in a hurry. Back then, the cream was free. But we still didn't make ice cream very often. The reason? Ice. Ice had to be bought in town and was always at a premium. I remember making ice cream in the middle of the winter with my grandpa using ice we'd chopped out of the river, and cream grandma had frozen from the summer months. When grandma decided her ice cream making days were over, she gave me her old ice cream maker, and it burned up the first time we used it. *phooey*

I know better than going to stores...any stores...when I'm on the shoestring budget. I know this. I really do. But Tar-gee was calling my name. I only went to check out the clearance bedding items for some idea's for D's bed spread, since she's getting the queen size bed, it stands to reason that she needs a new comforter...right? I was only gonna LOOOOOOOK.

And then....I saw *it*.

I've been seeing those little 2 quart ice cream makers at Wally Mart this summer...$16. And I have to admit, I've been tempted. But today, sitting there on an end-cap, (darn that sly marketing) was a Hamilton Beach, 4 quart, Ice Cream making MACHINE. $29.99. *sigh* Not today. But WAIT! Do my eyes deceive me? On special for $17.88, and today is "SOLD!!!", I said!

Now I just have to run to the store for some ice. And some cream. And some salt.

Oh well...I'm having homemade ice cream TONIGHT, baby!


Maine Mom said...

It was on sale, of course you couldn't pass that up!
Enjoy your ice cream :-)

Nettie said...

Yay for you! We bought an ice cream maker for our first anniversary gift to each other 17 years ago. It was the best money we've ever spent. We are now on our 4th. (2 of which are functional, one is a handcrank we inherited from his grandmother.) Homemade ice cream is definitely one of the MUST have highlights of summer!

Gabriela said...

Oh yum!! I love homemade ice cream, it's the best! Enjoy.

Stephanie said...
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Stephanie said...

Okay, that deleted was me because apparently I can't spell or make sense today.

When we got married, we received five, count them, five ice cream makers. All of them were wrapped the same and from the same, I think so. We got rid of all but one. It sits today on a shelf in my garage in the original packaging...never opened.

I's on my list. You've inspired me.

Anonymous said...

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