Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Wisdom Wednesday- A spoonful of sugar

Today's Wisdom is brought to you from the land of snot that gushes like Old Faithful, coughs that hack and rattle, and a tiny little girl who can spit out any medicine, no matter how it is administered. I've tried reason, blowing in her face, restraint, begging, bribery, the girl just does not like taking medicine. Until I found Triaminic Thin Strips. *Insert the sound of angels singing*

At the risk of giving TMI, J produces so many goobers that she throws up regularly from it whenever she gets in a tooth, the wind blows and sets off seasonal allergies, or she has a cold. Keeping the snot under control is a big priority for this kid. B gets a nasty cough whenever allergies kick up. Enter the little grape flavored strips of paper that are saving my sanity, one day, or night at a time. Now, I'm no doctor, so realize this is my unprofessional opinion, and if you have any doubts you should check with your doctor. The strips don't come in an itty bitty size, so I cut one in half, and after making the mistake of putting the thing flat on J's toungue once, I stumbled on folding it into a little square, and viola! She chomped it right down! No tears! No wailing! No gnashing of teeth! And the best part? Get this: B and J were both coughing the other night in the middle of the night. I gave them cough strips IN.THEIR.SLEEP. Need I say more?

And since it's my party and I can choose to bestow more than one tidbit of unsolicited advice if I wanna: Check out Vicks Children's Thermometer's if you have a sick one. They stick under their arm, are easy to read, and continuously monitor their temp. Why? Because they are much, much cheaper than a digital ear thermometer, I've never figured out how to get a baby to hold a thermometer under their toungue, and the other end....let's not even go there. ;O) Sanity in a box: