Saturday, April 29, 2006

Why I'm About to Be Another 30 lbs Overweight

My mom has a thing for cooking that multiplies in the pot. A pot of ham and beans turns into 3 pots of ham and beans. A pot of soup in my house, was never just a pot of soup. It is definatly a family joke. I thought I had escaped that particular DNA strand, but it was here all along...waiting for me. If you've never been to a Pappadeaux restaurant, you really should find one and go. While you're there, order the Fondeaux. You might even skip the entree, because the little bowl of heaven that they bring you will most likely be more than enough to satisfy. I crave their Fondeaux, dream about it, bribe Hubster to take me there so I can have more. Well, tonight I took matters into my own hand and went to Recipe Zaar and dug up *THE* recipe for the Fondeaux. So I set off to Albertson's, got all the ingredients and some fresh french bread, and commenced to making. Did I mention how good this stuff is? I decided that one appetizer sized batch wasn't going to feed my family of 7, so I tripled it. The sauce alone filled my fondue pot almost to the brim. When I added it to my vegetables and shrimp/oyster mixture, it filled my biggest skillet to capacity. Then, my family encouraged me to put in the other half of the shrimp and oysters, since they were there and all. Let me be the one to tell you: Triple sized batch of fondeaux+double the amount of seafood= Heck-a-lotta food. If I were you, I'd run out and buy stock in Albertson's french bread. We're gonna be needing some. Good thing this stuff freezes well.


Nettie said...

This stuff is a dip? And you have that much of it? Too funny. You need to have a VERY BIG PARTY! Enjoy!

Gabriela said...

Yum! We do fondue at our house every Christmas Eve. Love it. I will have to check out this recipe.

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