Saturday, April 15, 2006

Not just teeth

I've discovered the root of my problem this past week and it wasn't *just* teeth making their way into the world. Seems my darlings J and K, and Wizard Woman's darling D, and quite possibly even your's truely, have come down with Fifth's Disease. After some snooping at the Primary Children's Easter Egg hunt, Taxi Mom confirmed that it has been going around and the symptoms we've been struggling with for the past several weeks are most likely the work of the virus. Fun times. So to the old bat who gave me the evil eye in Albertson's, (clearly suspecting the red cheeks), thanks for your concern, now back off, or you're next.

Sensing that his offspring were in danger of being eaten, the hubster paid D to take over childcare duties and offered to take me out of the house. It was a rare occasion indeed and to celebrate, I decided that I had to pamper myself just a bit, so I looked in the mirror, picked the biggest problem area and I got my hair did!
The last time Hillary, aka The Hair Goddess, saw this hair, the cut looked like this:

Yup. Momma deserves to get out once in a while, get crazy and spend $35 on a hair cut, and $10 on a tip. According to The Hair Goddess, it's a something momma probably ought to do more than once every eight months. Momma has a hard time releasing the debit card to the hand of the nice girl at the counter, but finally does and is allowed to leave the Salon.

I felt so refreshed by my day out of priso, er, I mean the house, I took the children to the easter egg hunt, which required having all dressed and out of the house by 10 am, not an easy thing for us unpracticed homeschoolers! Anyhow, baby J was quickly bored with the concept of picking stuff up that was left down (sounds too much like work to her!) but I was able to get a couple cute shots.

But at the end of the day, her big sis helped her discover the payoff.

Well, I'll have lots to say tomorrow. Tender thoughts on Easter, and also, tomorrow is Hatch Day! I know this is a fact because one egg pipped today, and on the advise of Ethel, after many, many hours with no chick, she advised that the chick was probably malformed and taking the shell off would do no harm. She was right. :O( SO we have the first chick casualty, but the kids weren't completely crushed, and two more have pipped in the last couple hours. So hopefully, I'll also have some Easter greetings of the commercialized fuzzy, small animal kind too.

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Maine Mom said...

Yay for the hair cut...looks nice! I'm hoping to get mine cut soon for a new summer look. I love getting my haircut, but like you, it's hard to dish out the money.
Cute egg hunting picture, and yes, the eating the goodies in the plastic egg picture. Yummy!