Saturday, April 22, 2006

A Day Lived "Doing"

Some days, I get to the end and think, "I really should have taken some pictures" because there were things done that are really pretty ordinary, and yet, significant. There have been many days like this in my years as a mom and step mom.

We started the day by my finally giving in to the pleading and whining of K and B to teach them to sew. They've been after me most of the week, but with school and the babies bouncing off one another, it just kept getting pushed back. Yesterday I finally went with K and got some $1/yard fabric at Walmart, some poly fill and matching thread, so I figured I was out of excuses. They each made pillows and I only yelled a couple of times. Mostly while I was tearing apart my sewing machine to find out why the bobbin winding spool wouldn't turn, (Duh, helps if you oil it). Gramma will be so proud. K is ready to sew her wedding gown, and B is planning pillows for all the kids in the neighborhood.

Next, I decided to mow the lawn. Which, I don't really mind doing, but would never give up the rights to nagging my husband about why *he* never does it over that little detail. Upon attempting to start our old John Deere 160, I discovered that the little heathens took my key. One smack on the head to me for leaving it in the machine to begin with, but, urg. Still irritating. So I went to my friendly John Deere dealership, bought two more keys and decided while I was there, to replace the wheel on the mower deck that had been lost by a certain teenager who shall remain nameless. $38 dollars later, I left with my purchases, came home and assembled the wheel, put it on the mower and commenced to mowing.

K and J were in the yard, and J was not happy with the loud mower. I asked K to take her inside to D, as it was naptime anyhow, but J threw one of her world class bucking, kicking, screaming fits, and so I put her on the mower with me. I'm telling you, this is *my* kid. She settled right down, and rode that mower with me until the back 3/4 acre was done. She didn't cry, yell, try to grab the wheel, squirm, fuss, NOTHING. She sat there as happy as a clam, and I swear she would have fallen asleep had our yard been just a tad less bumpy. My grandfather used to take me out to the hayfield with him, place me on the fender of the tractor, and I would fall asleep as he baled hay. I used to wonder how it was that I never ended up *in* a bale of hay, but now I know. I was just quiet as a mouse and happy to ride around with the wind in my face and the smell of fresh mown grass in my nose, just like J was today.

Twice when we came in from mowing, J fell asleep on her daddy, happy and comfortable smooshed up against him for body heat. B and I spent some time in the hammock, talking about school and what next year might bring. K played with every kid in the neighborhood, eventually getting everyone involved in an impromptu soccer game.

Tonight, we had a date night. While D and her friend rode into the city to go to a Stake dance, Hubster and the little kids and I made fondue and crablegs, and sat on the floor in the living room (a big no-no) and stuffed ourselves while we watched a movie.

These are the sort of days that make me wish for that money tree out in the back yard. It isn't the idea of having things, it's the idea of having the luxury of spending our time with each other instead of having to make a living. Spending the whole day doing nothing much, and enjoying it more than doing "things".

Yes, today would have been a good day for a camera. But we were too busy just doing.


Nettie said...

You are a very busy woman! At the risk of sounding rude, please don't let your daughter ride the mower with you again. I, too, have fond memories of riding on my grandpa's tractor. But, it is very dangerous and people just don't know it. My husband sees at least one child come into the ICU each year who has lost enough flesh from this practice to be in critical condition. I hope you don't take this wrong and I don't mean to be a downer. I am glad you had such a wonderful day!

momofalltrades said...

Yeah, that does come across pretty harsh, but I understand your concern. Even though we had things under control, I do realize things can go wrong. We all have to decide what risks we are OK with, and act accordingly. So, thanks for the comment, no offense taken, and I hope we'll get to know one another better!

Stephanie said...

Thanks for visiting. I am tired just reading your post. That is a lot of lawn.

Nettie said...

Thank you so much for not being offended! I worried all night that you might. I used to never mention this kind of thing for fear of doing so. I would never mean to judge someone or tell them how they should parent. Then, I decided on things that people are less aware of I would. If it saves even one child unnecessary pain or death, I decided it was worth the risk.

I know what you mean about choosing risks. We let our 12 yr old son ski without a helmet recently knowing that he'd be the only one wearing one if he did. Of course, another 12 yr old skiing at the same resort that same day came into the ICU with severe head injuries! Sometimes you just pray and hope for the best.

Maine Mom said...

I'm impressed that you did all the lawn mower care yourself..going to get new keys, replacing a wheel, mowing the lawn...I definitely would have given my husband that responsibility!

The Constant Gardener said...

Sounds like a great day with your family! I long for a day when we have "nothing" to do.

jd said...

Oh now I want to ride the lawn mower!!

itybtyfrog said...

What a great day! I love the days when you go to bed at night and think that you actually accomplished something that day. Love fondue...what kind do you use for the crab legs?