Thursday, April 13, 2006

Is it Friday yet?

The grey matter has left the building. This has been a very, very long week. Darling J has decided to grow eye teeth, which entailed an extremely high fever starting Monday night, all day Tuesday, and a walking fever all day today. Which means I had a baby attached to me all day Tuesday and today, she felt well enough to not want to sit on my lap, but not quite well enough to want to play. Wiggle, whine, cry, beg to be picked up, rinse, lather, repeat. Good times. On top of all this fun and adventure, B has used the break in routine to take whining about homeschool lessons to a new level. Each day has been a fun filled two to three hour whine, complain and pout-fest that has made me lose my patience more than once. The fact that K is in the room breathing his air renders him unable to concentrate, and heaven forbid she should make a noise anywhere in the house. She's not interested in playing in the back yard with the attack rooster , she doesn't want to jump on the trampoline, and "it's too hot" to ride her bike. And just for good measure, we've had the pleasure of doling out the punishment of the century (raking and bagging leaves) because a certain little boy refused to own up to an incident involving his sister's shaving gel, the tub and the bathroom tile. Very often, I find that the punishment is usually worse for the parent than it is for the child. But I owe the hubster a big, swift kick in the rear for reminding the boy of his task during homeschool yesterday. Yeah, "Finish your homeschool so you can go toil in the sun at a task so large your seven-year-old-self will disolve into tears at the mere thought of what lies before you." The kid isn't dumb. He pulled out all the stops to help homeschool draaaaaaaaaaaag. But being the responsible parents we are, we will do our part to make him follow through, no matter how many phone messages he leaves my husband claiming he's "learned my lesson BIG TIME!".

On the plus side, I was able to clean up the playroom during the few snippets of time I was allowed by the feverish babe and the howling homeschoolers. I took the bags out tonight under the cover of darkness, mixed in with all the other trash bags for the week. I wish the trash truck came sooner in the day, but I think I can keep them distracted long enough to prevent any covert rescue missions. What is it about McDonald's prizes and dollar store trinkets that inspire such loyalty? The problem with cleaning out the toys, is that it's usually done when the toys are piled thick and deep and wide, and when they are bagged, they are "found once more" and surely deserve to be loved after their ordeal. Any how, I got a couple photo's for next Wednesday's wisdom and got to feel proud of myself for accomplishing one something, even though the rest of the house is in shambles. *shrug* I'll take what I can get.

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