Thursday, April 20, 2006

Why I love this Kid

Or maybe more appropriately titled, "Why Homeschooling isn't for the Softy". B had to write a story today during Homeschool about George Washington. They gave several words for him to incorporate into the story, a whole page of lined paper to write on, and then the page can be torn out of the book, folded and he could write a title on the front of it, so it looks like a book. Here's what he wrote:

he wus th first President of United STaTeS H was Brave soldier He prayed ubowt God He lobeed the Bible.

Obviously *not* his best effort, but he did it with a smile, and the title? i Love mi mom and mi DaD

Despite the overt flattery to avoid re-writes, it will be in my save it forever pile. *sigh* Yup. Give me a cheery countenance, an attempt at sounding out the words to spell them, and a side of shameless manipulation and I'm putty in his hands.

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owlhaven said...

too funny!

Mary, mom to many