Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Making Home a Heaven on Earth

If Heaven has laundry piles and dirty dishes, I'm in great shape. I finally cleaned my bedroom last night, and thanks to Chris' Year Off Blog I've been being a bit more motivated to do some purging. So I tackled my closet. THREE black trash bags FULL later, I have space to hang my clothes! You can walk in there! Best of all, I would actually wear the things that are in there! There was some seriously tragic 90's fashion going on in there. Best part of all is that Hubster was working last night, so ONE of those bags...let's just say it's not like the others! LOL There is some seriously tragic 80's fashion in that one. But don't tell him, m'kay? He's formed some pretty intense attachments to his old, torn up, ratty clothes. And I didn't even scratch the surface on his side of the closet. I'm gonna have to make it go away g-r-a-d-u-a-l-l-y. One day he will wake up and go to the closet to find his shorts that are torn up the side from the hem to the belt and I will feign ignorance. It's better if we don't speak of this again.


Asia said...

Ooh, you are so sly. I love the way you describe your misdeeds in the closet. I'm not very computer savy so I'm not sure how to leave you a link but here's my attempt. or

Gabriela said...

I LOVE dejunking. Seriously, when I'm in a bad mood I start clearing stuff out. And ditto on my husbands clothes. Why he likes to keep ripped up t-shirts I'll NEVER understand.

I enjoyed reading your posts about being a second wife and step mother and about your testimony. Sometimes life doesn't turn out picture perfect, but as long as you know it's the life you are supposed to have, it is managable, don't you think? I wish I could be so personal on my blog-I've got all kinds of family issues and I just can't share a lot of personal stuff without opening old wounds. Especially to do with my joining the church. But anyway-thanks for sharing your story. :)

The Author said...

I'm supposed to be tackling the basement tomorrow and this weekend. Come join me? You know it'll be a boatload of fun! And who knows... we might even find a mouse nest. Wheee! Do I know how to entertain guests or what?! LOL

But seriously... MEEP!!!!

JD said...

Saaaaawheeet I need to clean too!