Friday, February 08, 2008

Have You Seen This?

Glenn Beck on President Hinkley My SIL sent me this link and I think even those who don't like Glenn Beck will benefit from taking time to view this clip. A heartfelt tribute to a man who truly did set a wonderful example to people of all faiths; and humility from a man who makes his living arguing for what he believes is right. A great example of how humility is not a sign of weakness.


Kacey said...

I love Glenn Beck! He tells it like it is, but I wish he hadn't done that rant about medical things after his surgery last month. He didn't realize that his opinion was from pain and was ill informed. It made him look bad and he is too good to be bad. Does that make any sense?

Asia said...

I saw that clip and was touched by the emotion in Beck's voice. It gives me chills when people testify of greatness and truth.

I love what you said about humility. I agree! It is when we are humble that we are the strongest, most secure, most self-asured and have the best self esteem for in humility we are stregthened by the Lord and feel His love for us.