Sunday, February 24, 2008

The Girl Moves Mountains

Mountains and mountains of stuff that is.

Moving Stuff

She moved all these books onto this table in just a short time of quiet play. (And then promptly fell asleep on the floor, as you can see.)

Friday the tent was piled high all around her, taller than the purple rubbermaid chest at the right of the photo. This is after I cleaned it all up and she played yesterday.

Banquest08 002

And this table spent the better part of the last two weeks piled high with pillows, toys, books and other necessities of 3 year old fun. The mountain was so high it was well over the ends of the legs.


And I won't even go into the negotiations involved with leaving the house. She tried to take no less than 3 huge bags full of stuff to Taxi Mom's house last night. I actually had to carry a bucket to church this morning to contain the treasures and avoid a melt down.

This obsession with surrounding herself with all of her possessions (and as much of her sibling's stuff as she can snipe off with) tickles me and frustrates me all at once. It is so fun to watch her quietly playing. It is amazing that one little girl can be so industrious and move so.much.stuff. And it's too bad I can't harness this evil gift in reverse. All attempts at getting her to move the stuff BACK meets with much wailing and gnashing of teeth.


Asia said...

I know how it is to have too much stuff.
And so I'm sorting down but can't bring myself to just throw away all the amazing creations out of junk that my 6 year old constantly gives me.

Kacey said...

Have you ever heard George Carlin's schtick about "Stuff" and how we are prisoners of our "Stuff"? I think you have a pint sized OCD on your hands. The books look like she wants to be a librarian. Food luck!

JD said...

This is totally cracking me up!
"Swiper no swipy"
is what is comming to mind! LOL