Saturday, February 02, 2008

I've Decided to Share

Inspired by other delightfully funny and talented bloggy girls, I began this blog and tried my hand at coming up with witty ways to share my thoughts with no one in particular. I've always enjoyed an audience. I find them equally thrilling and terrifying.

Eventually, I shared my blog with my family and I'm sad to say that is when I stopped really sharing. I try and blame it on being busy with school and kids, but that's just a pack of excuses. There is a very, very big part of my life I've been hesitant to share. I've contemplated starting a second blog with more anonymity. One that couldn't be tied to me with proof positive pictures if someone I know in real life came upon it. But in my indecision, I've stopped being real and the flow of words has slowed to a trickle. I've made my decision, at least for now. I'm going to get on with being myself. This is my forum. I try to live my life so that I'm not embarrassed if someone takes a peek, but I realize that I can't control the way I feel about things, I can only control what I do with those feelings. I am one who has to share things that make me who I am. I have to share more times than my husband can handle hearing them. Some days, I have to share more than my friends can stand hearing. If my glaring imperfections blind you, by all means, look away. If my imperfections make you think you are better than me, fine. I can live with that. Maybe someone can learn from my mistakes. Maybe I will learn I've made more mistakes than I thought. Maybe I'll find validation. Who knows. All I can say for sure is that I have decided to share. Here. Where the world can see me.



The Author said...

I'm so so glad you'll be back sharing. I miss you terribly and miss hearing about your life.

It's hard enough to be brutally honest with yourself, let alone when you know critics and loved ones alike may be reading it. I'm proud of you for loving yourself enough to share yourself with us.

PS... would you like a super cute toddler who won't sleep at night? She really does make up for it in cuteness. She's already on her way. I shipped her UPS. LOL

JD said...

Wow I am so Excited!!I really want to find out the nitty gritty about my "once I had a dream we were mission companions" internet bud.