Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Cookies For the Class

One year, shortly after I was first married, OK, like within two months of being married, before I got all tired and crabby and no fun, the older kids and I made Valentine's Day cookies for their whole like, 60 cookies, thereabout.

This year, I decided to make Valentine's Day cookies with the little kids. So like, 60 cookies or so.

Valentines08cookiefest 001

Good thing they didn't have far to go to make it to the school. *cough*

Valentines08cookiefest 013
Valentines08cookiefest 008
Valentines08cookiefest 015

Valentines08cookiefest 009


JD said...

oh those look so good!And those kids are just adorable!!

Kacey said...

Looks like a roaring success! I did that for many years and have given it up until I get some great-grands for whom to make cookie valentines. I found the easiest way to make red was to frost them in white and sprinkle lots of red sugar on top.