Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Mythbusting Mom Style

We love Mythbusters around here, and I recently did some myth-busting of my own. You know how you're supposed to wait until the dew "burns off" the grass to mow? The story is, that if you try to mow the grass while wet, the blades won't cut it. Well, I'm in a huge time crunch for the next two weeks, and so I put this myth to the test and mowed my grass in.the.rain. I can tell you that the blades cut just fine, and here are a couple more things I learned while busting this myth:

1. Rain in Texas ceases being warm when the temperature reaches below ninety.
2. Everyone who drives by waves when they see you mowing your grass in the rain. Then they laugh and point.
3. You children take their cue from you that they should also play in the rain.
4. When the water keeps running into your eyes, it is perfectly acceptable to get yourself an umbrella.
5. The mower doesn't like large puddles, slows the blades down a lot. And don't forget where the doggy holes are, those aren't just big puddles and mowers are heavy when they are buried to the axle in mud.

Also, the dress came. Round two, and this time it zipped. Huge step in the right direction. I tried it on with the "fixes" I found and I can't wait to post pictures! I need to make things permanent first, but once I work my magic, you will be AMAZED girls, just amazed! I'm so relieved.

I also took my first Biology test last night. I decided that maybe I should study. This is not something I've ever done before, this study...thing. About halfway through studying, I got to thinking, "What if college really is harder?" "I'm going to have to memorize all these terms?" "What was I thinking?" I then made the mistake of looking up the course in the catalog. The class I took is for science majors. How did I overlook that?! I got to class early, and apparantly, I wasn't the only one who was worried. Half the class was there quizzing each other. He handed out the test and I got to work. Halfway through I was practically singing. If I were not a happily married woman, I would have considered kissing my instructer. I'll find out whether I got an A or a B on Thursday.


molly said...

It's probably better to mow the grass when it's wet! After all, would you razor shave your legs dry? No way!
I'm not sure why, but this analogy somehow made perfect sense to me. Hope u have a good day and don't run into too many puddles.

Stephanie said...

Congratulations on doing well on your test.

I would have paid money to see you mowing in the rain with an umbrella. Did you have on yellow rain boots?

Gabs said...

I love the image of you mowing in the rain!

College biology, I am so jealous. I love that stuff. Way to go!

Kacey said...

Honey, you have to remember that as a mom and a bit older than the average college student --- you will do much better than they --- because it is so important to you. Congrats of studying so well.
I used to cut five acres of grass. When the weather was really cool and wet, that darn stuff grew like weeds and had to be cut three times a week. My biggest problem was trying to keep the tractor from sliding into the one acre pond. Then, my husband would have to get out the old Ford front-loader and pull my John Deere back out of the mud and water. He blamed it on my being a woman. I blamed it on him for not cutting the blasted pasture himself.

JD said...

Mowers and rain that just spells trouble around here. You are one brave chicky!