Monday, September 18, 2006

I Lied

I can't stay away. I'll go MIA tomorrow though.

I have to tell you about today's t-ball practice. K decided to play t-ball with her good friend S. K and S have been buddies since they were just babies. S's dad coached B last year during fall ball and had strict orders from S to make sure he got K on the t-ball team. He really is a peach of a coach, spends tons of time with the kids, really works with them and most importantly, he builds up their confidence and makes them feel really special. So today, we got to practice a few minutes early (I know, don't fall over from the shock) and he took the opportunity to work with S and K on their batting. As he was giving K some of the finer points of getting her feet set, she listened intently and did a great job of doing just what he asked. She hit a few balls and he continued to help her make fine adjustments and she hit a few more. He showed her a couple little tricks to help her pivot on her back foot, including giving her a "bug" to "squish" under her toe to help her remember, and he showed her how to get her bat back up over her shoulder. She listened intently to all of this, did exactly what she was supposed to, then she looked him right in the eye and said, "And we're supposed to get the red belt, huh?"

It really is all about the accessories.


Stephanie said...

Gotta love girls!

Maine Mom said...

We know where our priorities are! Too cute :-)

Kacey said...

She sounds like she will be ready to replace Stacy on "What Not to Wear" in about twenty years! A diva in the making!