Monday, June 04, 2007


I've created a new definition of insanity:

Spending two days glued to a sewing machine, barely stopping to eat or sleep, sewing adorable outfits for kids who'd rather be nekkid anyhow:

The polk-a-dotty dress is a K size version of the ones I made for J last week.

I need to go un-bury the rest of the house now, quickly before Cub Scout camp starts...


bon said...

You are a MANIAC!

Seriously, that's some crazy cute little outfits!

jd said...

I bow to you! I am just not patient enough for that one.

Kacey said...

You are a real kindred spirit! I spent my young motherhood sewing, sewing and sewing. I made most of the girl's things, but bought my son's clothes. The outfits are darling and the kids even cuter. I don't know how you get so much done, but keep on going. I just read the great T.V. escapade and you are a true bargain hunter.