Friday, June 15, 2007

Here's How We Pass Time

J likes to pretend. More than my other two ever did, it is her "thing". She started this up on her own. I was so glad I got the camera and she did a repeat performance. I have NO idea where she comes up with "blow your head down" but it cracks me up anyway.

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And this is our cheer leading camp dollars at work:

The "cow" is hilarious. It's near the end but sooooooo worth the wait.

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I've also uploaded "MILK" and "Down to the River" to Dropshots. You can click if your eyes (and ears) can take any more.


Maine Mom said...

These videos were very entertaining :-)

Kacey said...

Cute kids and really cute mom. (Check out the great legs!) I love your enthusiasm with the girls. They will have wonderful memories, if some alien absconds with you. I just finished reading your last couple of posts and find your writing to be very honest and articulate about your feelings and thoughts. My oldest daughter was just here and she is really wonderful, so if you ever have to send your kids to school --- there are some super, great teachers out there. I think my Lesley loves every one of her third graders. (Plus, she has done a fantastic job of raising three sons from pre-school age as a divorced mom) One has just been accepted into Duke's Law School, one just graduated from the Air Force Arabic language institure to decode terrorist messages and the youngest is working his way through college. Just think how well your children will do with your undivided attention.

shoeaddict said...

Loved it!