Monday, May 08, 2006

Monday Musings

I just have tons on my mind today, lots of random thoughts and no real resolution to get them to "Fun Blog" status. So here they are in no particular order:

1. I almost killed or injured two of my children Saturday. Little girls should not ever sit on the ground in front of mommy's car to clean off their shoes, and mommies should always, always, always check the backseat before pulling the car forward, even if that's where you told the kids to be, and you need to move the car fast. They don't always listen to you, so plan for it. They weren't hurt at all, but I may never recover.

2. Hang Onto Your Denture's, Nettie! was going to be the name of my post Sat until the aforementioned event occured.

3. My house is a disaster. I need to be cleaning it instead of blogging.

4. My scale is broken. I could not have lost 7 pounds in one week, no matter how nice that sounds.

5. The logistics of making my sister's wedding cake may neccesitate a change of plans. Unless my sister has recently grown an affection for cooking and has purchased several big ticket peices of equipment, like a Kithen Aid and a large freezer, she may need to add "Buy a Cake" to her list of things to do. I know, Dad, that isn't sounding very frugal of me. I'll crunch the numbers.

6. I hate that my kids and hubster won't be able to go to the wedding. My parents have never *once* seen me with my husband and kids. I hate feeling like I have two lives because my large family is not very portable.

7. J's "language" is the funniest thing when you finally decipher what she's saying. "Da-ee-fwop" (Daddy throw up!) is one of my favorites.

8. The Texas Highway Patrol is a money grubbing institution, sure they'll forgo putting that little ticket on your record, but it takes a $100 bribe to get them to do it.

9. My children must be part fish, part popsicle to swim in weather like this.

10. This is the freakiest looking toy in all of toy history:


Nettie said...

O My Gosh! I don't even know how to respond to this one. I'm laughing to hard!

Stephanie said...

How scary about the car. That is my worst fear. My heart jumped for you.

The rest...laughing my guts out!!!

Anonymous said...

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