Thursday, May 25, 2006

The Green Ones Count

We made the flight in fine shape. J just picked out a nice, grandmotherly type who seemed encouraging and willing to play with her, crawled up on her lap, and went to sleep. Does that count as a Works for Me Wednesday? Wisdom Wednesday? Let your child talk to strangers, crawl up in their lap and go to sleep. No? Well, it was worth a shot.

The schedule sabatoge has served to eliminate her normal appetite. I usually don't worry much about if they eat or not, I figure, they aren't going to starve, if they want to eat, they will. But yesterday, we were going on day three of food strike and in a desperate attempt to kickstart her appetite, I fed my child M&M's...for lunch. Technically, when you think about it, there *is* "green" in there...right?

Now if she doesn't scare my sister out of the idea of having children, ever, we'll get this wedding show on the road.


Maine Mom said...

I don't usually worry about my children eating either. They will eat eventually. But I think after 3 days, I would be concerned too. M&M's must have SOME nutritional value in them, don't they?? I hope J gets back to her normal eating habits soon.

Gabriela said...

Wow, nice lady on the plane. I am never that lucky. I always get "the look". Like, "you have the nerve to have 3 kids, and then to bring them out in public???"

Nettie said...

That was so lucky to find such a nice lady on the plane! My MIL used to get my nephew to eat his veggies by putting an M&M on each spoonful-when he was a baby! His mother wasn't real happy about it.

Stephanie said...

When it comes to getting them to eat, you do what you have to do. No questions asked.

I am sure that lady was just as glad to have your kiddo. Those rides get sooooo long!!!