Friday, August 03, 2007

Reasons to Smile

The heavens opened up and Mamasita descended in the form of an angel...a well connected angel. Her cousin works for a plant that rebuilds air conditioners!!! Let there be AIR!!! Whoot! Given that the last few days have been beyond muggy and HOT, the children and I are overjoyed!

And here is today's funny things kids say, courtesy of little almost gonna be three J.

J: I wanna wotch Wion King, eese?
Me: OK, go turn on the TV and let it warm up and I'll put it on for you
J (a few minutes later): I wotch penguin show better mom
Me: Why do you want to watch that nasty thing?
J: Oh, my wife bettor I wotch dis.
Me: Your life will be better if you watch the Penguin show?
J (sighing): Yeah.

Someone really should *do* something about those public broadcasting service folks. KERA is turning my kid into a drama queen.


Kacey said...

I wuv your twanswashions. Actually, you bring J to life for us on paper!

bon said...

I'd buy it... I know MY wife is better I wotch "24."

Maine Mama said...

Totally cute!!!