Friday, August 24, 2007

Speak Texan Yank

Just TRY to purchase a MACROeconomics book from a Texan. Go ahead. I dare you.

(Ya'll will be directed to take yer buggy back to Ramon but hurry cause he's fixin' to go to lunch over yonder and even after all that they will hand you a MICROeconomics book..several times...until you spell it.)

Last week they pulled all the Government books off the shelf. When I called to inquire as to why they would change books the week before class starts, I was told that the instructor had pulled the books because they weren't the Texas edition. I'm thinking my interaction today explains a lot. It would make sense to have the books in a language the students can understand. I won't be giving mine back. The Yankee version suits me fine.


The Author said...

Nothin' wrong with some Yank learnin' in yer skools!

I take it you're ready to start another semester? Big M started this past Thurs. I'm in denial. LOL

bon said...

SNERK! My daddy is an Oaky, i feel y'alls pain.

Gabriela said...

LOL. I'll be living there someday and have to take "texan" classes.