Saturday, July 28, 2007

I Hate Life With No Internet

Note to self: Don't forget to pay the cable bill. They shut it off right quick and in a hurry but it takes them 2 WEEKS (!!!!!) to turn it back on.

What happened during all this non-internet no-mans-land you ask?

Well, I stayed up half the night and watched Harry Potter the night it came out.

I read all four "Thousand Year" books by Skousen.

I read Harry Potter 7.

I canned two more trees worth of peaches.

I taught my neighbor how to can.

B broke his arm jumping out of a swing. (Not badly, just a taurus fracture)

Ethyl moved to Idaho. I may never recover.

What did not happen during this two weeks of non-interneted-ness?

My house did not get clean.

My kids did not read more. Apparently two or so hours a day is their limit no matter how bored they are.

My yard did not get all spiffy looking.

I did not die. It was touch and go there for a while, but I think I'm going to pull through.


The Author said...

Did you do any big projects? I expected you to have repainted the entire house, refurbished a few dressers, sewn the girls all new wardrobes, written a cookbook, and stuffed your fridge full of lettuce from an overturned tractor trailer! You are my hero; you *must* do these things! LOL

Glad to have you back. I miss you and stuff. :)

shoeaddict said...

Yes, please get over to my blog and read my newest post (as of now) and offer your help. I know you have lots. I wish I lived near you so you can teach me to can stuff. I just love comming here to look at the gorgeous fruit!!

Sabra said...

I need to learn how to can. But not at the cost of loosing my internet. Partly, b/c that would most likely mean DH, who works for the cable company, has lost his job. Anyway, welcome back.

Kacey said...

So happy that you are not gone permanently --- we really do miss you when you do not post. You didn't have to admit to not paying the cable bill--- we might have thought you were just extremely busy soing some "earth mother" type things.