Tuesday, January 30, 2007

The Texans are Coming and They Want Hippos

B: When are we going to see Grandpa D?
Me: This spring when we go to my cousins wedding.
B: Cool!
Me: We are also going to take the time to go through Yellowstone Park.
B: Where is that?
Me: Up in Wyoming, near Montanna.
B: Oh! Where they have the huge water fountains!
Me: They're called guysers.
B: Cool! Do you think they'll have hippos?


Hubster: What is this horsie's name?
J: Thwakie
Hub: He's white, he could be whitey, and this one could be blackie and they could have a baby and name it pinky.
J: No! Dis.one.Thwakie!
Hub: What's your name?
J: Me!
Hub: Your name is me?
Hub: What's my name?
J: Daddy
Hub: Right, my name is daddy and what is your name?
J: Me
Hub: Your name is you?
J: Jyeah! Me!


bon said...

AHHHhhhh! The logic of it is hurting my head!

Anonymous said...

Hippos in wyo???...no problem. On your way to or from the wedding, just stop at the holiday inn in Thermopolis. They have an exceptional collection of African animal mounts. Yes, a hippo too! If it's in the cards to stay there (hot springs, pools, etc) great,,,,if not, it's still a great stop on the way home. D&B (dad&mom)...btw luvya!!

Gabriela said...

Let me know if you find hippos!