Wednesday, January 03, 2007

One More Thing I Hate About PS

Well, the season of holiday cheer has come to a close and I'm here to tell you that it is followed by the season of Whining and Wailing and Gnashing of teeth. I hate Christmas break. Well, I guess to be completely fair, I like Christmas break O.K., but I do NOT like the learning hangover it leaves in its wake. I AM the meanest mother on earth. My children did school work the day after Christmas. But as the week wore on with the neighborhood children knocking at the door and the christmas treasures demanding to be played with and extra rush created by people being home to read the newspaper and thusly, our ad in the newspaper, it all added up to my determination to soldier on with lessons during the public school break being dashed into little tiny pieces. We were going to do school work every day. They get enough breaks during the year, the work isn't difficult and I want them to recognize that in REAL life, there really is no such thing as a BREAK.

So I gave in and they watched movies and played Nintendo until their eyes went all square and glazed over and they lost their minds. And I admit, the whining voices that pleaded that NO ONE else had to do school during christmas break got to me in a sort of peevish "I don't care what your friends are doing, this is what we're doing, but now I'm tired of fighting with you so have it your way", kind of way.


So today has been something less than stellar in terms of my ideal homeschool fantasy. You know the one where the children eagerly awake and dive right into their lessons, completing everything and then some in record time so that they will have the remainder of the day to work on their science fair project, which includes a cure for cancer AND the common cold.

Yeah. It's been more like:

Drag children out of bed by the hair at 10 am, so tired are they from playing yesterday and staying up too late.....again.

Beg and plead and yell at children to motivate them to clean up the school room which looks like an abandoned playground and crumb factory.

Start lessons.

Swear children will not have spring break if crying and whining keeps up at current level.

Fix lunch so that they will stop banging their heads on the table.

Put baby down for nap. Read history lesson because my ears are bleeding from the endless questions.

"What is 9 take away 3 Mom? I can't do it. Why won't you HELP me? I've never taken 3 away from 9 before, Mom....Mom...Mom...I can't DOoooooooo it...."

Make tape recording of the phrase "I will help you with it if you will ask me a question about something you do not understand, but I will not DO the work FOR you." because I have lost my voice.

K has long since finished her lessons, but B is still on Math. Only language, phonics and spelling to go.

Shoot me now.

Better yet, shoot the fool administrator that decided christmas break was a good idea to begin with.

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JD said...

It is always hard to get back into the swing of things. So funny about the recorded voice. Keep us posted on the science fair fun.