Monday, October 02, 2006

Operation: Ki Ki goes in the wash.

Kids are outside playing, distracted, 9:30 am
Ki Ki enters washing machine 9:35 am
Kids come inside, 10:20 am
J demands Bonnie and Ki Ki 10:21 am
I break the news, 10:21:30 am
Text conversation between Hubster and myself at 10:22 am
Me: Stage four meltdown in progress. Blanket is in the wash. Shoot me now.
Him: Distract her.
Me: Yeah. That'll work.
Him: It always works.
Me: I'll tell her that.

I try the substitute bankie's, an effort which is met with louder screaming, and thrashing as if every blanket we own is made of molton lava, so great is the torture of having such a thing

Him: Give her barney vid
Me: That's what started the whole thing. I'll have her call you. That'll distract her.
Him: Tell her to knock it off or we eat Barney like we did the rooster that chased her!

Gee. Now why didn't *I* think of that?

I'm still laughing.

She's still screaming.

Ki Ki is still spinning.

B and K are stationed by the dryer door, stuffing styrofoam peanuts in their ears.


Maine Mom said...

I can relate. I have a 5 year old attached to her blankie and it is painful to all of us when it gets washed!

JD said...

Oh I am in the blanky stage with my Thing 2. I still haven't night weened thing 1 from the binki.