Tuesday, October 31, 2006


Don't mean to break my arm patting myself on the back, but I've been fretting over my thesis statement for my long research paper assignment for two weeks now. I finally posted my thesis:

While it has become apparent through comparison of academic test scores that home school students generally out perform their public school counterparts, until recently, very little research has been available to compare the social outcomes of public school student to those of home schooled students. An analysis of the small but growing body of evidence supporting the positive social development of home schooled students reveals that while many of the initial studies have been performed and interpreted by Christian fundamentalists, newer studies, including at least two performed by less biased professional educators, all support initial claims that most home school students are at least as socially adept as public school students, and often, they are more socially advanced, exhibit fewer aggressive behaviors and exercise better self control than children educated in the public school system.

and this was my instructor's response:

Wow. That's really good. You have added new information to discussion that is highly debated that seems reasonable and interesting. I like how you recognize the previous possible biases and present confirmation based on less biased studies. I am drawn into your paper on those tantalizing bits of information. I am very curious to see the numbers and interpretations of the studies to back this thesis up.

I'm glowing. Hee, hee!


Gabriela said...

Congrats! Your thesis sounds interesting. Good luck with it!

Summer said...

i am sure you feel good and proud about it..Best of luck in everything!!

bon said...

Unfortunately, it does not bode well for my deep desire to SEND MY KIDS TO PUBLIC SCHOOL!

momofalltrades said...

Great Bon, I've probably offended my entire readership. Thanks for pointing that out. *giggle*

Seriously, I hope no one takes me too seriously on this one. Just because I do home school the little kids doesn't make me any better than anyone else, it's just better *for us* and if you PS, I'm totally cool with that too. We have sent three children through the public school system and they turned out pretty darn great. :O)