Wednesday, August 06, 2008

What The Camera Saw

Funky psychadelic fondant covered birthday cake a-la-alice-in-wonderland.


Hey, wait...this is not my child! No, I did not inherit any more children, I've been looking after a couple rug rats that belong to my sweet friend and giver of the rice seasoning, and she needs a blog name...and I suck...because I can't think under this much pressure. It'll come to me...give it time.

Anyhow, she was nice enough to let me borrow her kids this summer so mine wouldn't drive me up the wall.

And she has a pool that's less than 2 minutes from my house...lets just say that the arrangement has worked out "swimmingly" for us this summer...

Uh, anyway, sweet S turned 6, I was beside myself, so I made cake.

And took pictures. Because I can. My camera looks big and muy importante now, so people respect the camera.


Too bad I'm too lazy to photoshop out the red eye. That is a dang cute bunch of kids right there.


Fun too!


Her brother D made her this crown. I took an improperly focused picture. Sigh. I know how to fix that, and I practiced, but I lost my focus (so to speak) under the pressure. Someday I will learn to check ALL the settings. Sigh.

DSC_0037 copy

I love photoshop. I'm pretty proud of my handi work on this shot, but I won't detail the whole thing right here on the WORLD WIDE WEB. No one needs to know you just had a facial, an eybrow wax and lost some weight! Hey...what are friends for? I got your back *insert witty blog name here* I haven't posted an unedited picture of myself since I discovered LIQUIFY and the Self healing blemish remover. Better than lipo and a make up artist baby.

But her husband....he shall not be so lucky. The photoshop magic I run on this attractive photo will be to turn it into their annual Christmas card:


I'll teach him to fool around in front of *MY* camera. Bwaaa, haaa, haaa, haaa, haaa.

Good thing he has an incredible sense of humor...I'm afraid he knows where I live.


There was more than a little foolishness goin' down that night. Good thing we're all Mormons and didn't have any liquor around. THAT could have been UGLY...


Aren't these kids just darling?


Happy Birthday S! Not sure what we're gonna do when you guys go back to school this fall.


Gabriela said...

Very cool cake!

Looks like you are having lots of fun with your new camera. The pregnant guy is the best!

Ballerina Girl said...

Found you through Gabriela...
when is "he" due?
Great cake, pretty colors!
Come visit mine sometime if you feel like it!