Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Baptism, Complete With Cake

So here are the promised pictures of the momentous occasion.

My girls...D, J, K, and C (my daughter in law)

Hubster and the girl

Yes, I have been making cake all summer, so shut up.

With E. Yes, he's got a mohawk. He's always been a bit on the crazy side.

Squeaky clean with new scriptures and....cake, of course.

One with Taximom. I heart her.

Here's the cake before assembly...the springy-thingy's on the finished thing were totally awesome, but I just can't get over how good this thing turned out. I felt bad about the cake for S's birthday...I struggled with that one so much I changed recipe's and I'll never look back. I've been promised a second chance at a cake for her next year.

It's hard to tell but the colors are painted on with this wonderful sparkley dust, they were so soft and pretty.

I'm noticing that it's getting harder and harder to get pictures of ALL the kids together. Thanks to my friend for running my camera and doing a great job!


~heather.s said...

A new recipe for Fondant? Care to share??

Thanks :)

Momma said...

Congrats to K on such a momentous day! The cake looks amazing!

I miss you!