Saturday, January 19, 2008

Stealing Shoes

I went out to buy a bra today and as every girl can attest, I needed a little pick me up after THAT whole drama. So I found these:

K needed some brown church shoes, and these were $3.24. Things were definitely looking up.

Then, I found these...for $3.24!!! And since J has been clumping up and down in clogs in every shoe department we go past for two months, and leaving in tears each time when I tell her we are NOT buying them, I splurged. And I felt even better.

Then I reasoned that a girl needs some boots, it is winter after all. So I broke tha bank and bought these:

It was a real splurge. $4.37. The guilt was killing me. So I bought these:

For $3.24....and all is right in the world. *sigh*

And just as an FYI, Penney's is having their 70% off clearance sale too. I got two shirts for J...$1.24 each, one for K at $2.37, and an $80 winter coat for B that wound up costing $12.38 with tax. It would have been the deal of the day if not for the cherry covered rain boots.


The Author said...

A woman after my own coupon folder! Great deals sister! You are seriously tempting me!

JD said...

Wow those are some awesome deals. ANd adorable boots!