Monday, January 21, 2008

The School Room

I finally got around to re-organizing the school room. We had a fun new addition from Taxi Mom under the tree this year and I finally got it re-located to it's rightful spot. Isn't it beautiful? I have the best friends ever. Seriously.

She has all her babies in there and her chair and her grocery cart. LOL Everything she needs for hours of fun.


JD said...

that is adorable I want one for my little one

JD said...

OK now I have called you into my war!!

Asia said...

I'm trying to start up gospel discussions this month. I would love your imput if you get the chance. I feel so uneducated when I hear what other's know, but I love to learn so it excites me. The spirit touches me when I hear truth by making me feel good. Somehow I just know.