Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Tell Me About It

While preparing dinner last night, K was helping and chatting with me. She said, "Mom, you know how sometimes things fall down even when you didn't touch them or anything?" "Well, I know why," she said. And in a somewhat hushed, conspiritorial tone, she told me, "It's because the world is spinning."

I was taken aback by this little reminder.

Despite my best efforts, there seem to be a whole lot of things in my life that fall down.

I'm glad to be able to remember today that these things do not happen entirely due to my own faults and weaknesses, some of them happen just because the world is spinning.


Kacey said...

That is an amazing! I think I'll use that bit of wisdom when I am being particularly klutzy.

The Author said...

Things usually fall down in my house because my HEAD is spinning.

Pretty perceptive young lady you have there!